Is <i>iphone</i> desned by apple in califonia assembled in

Manual iphone chino a1221

Is iphone desned by apple in califonia assembled in : 2G-CP1-345E 2G-CP1 -345S 2G-CP1-345F 2G-CP2-345E 2G-CP2-345S 2G-CP2-345, 2G-GCX, 2G-CNTRLX-345, 2G-CP11-345C, 2G-CP11-345E, 2G-CP11-345S, 2G-CP21-345C, 2G-CP21-345E, 2G-CP21-345S, 2G-CP51-345C, 2G-CP51-345E, 2G-CP51-345S, 2G-CP61-345C, 2G-CP61-345E, 2G-CP61-345S, 2G-CP71-345C, 2G-CP71- 345E,2G, GCX, CNTRLX-345, CP11-345C, CP11-345E, CP11-345S, CP21-345C, CP21-345E, CP21-345S, CP51-345C, CP51-345E, CP51-345S, CP61-345C, CP61-345E, CP61-345S, CP71-345C, CP71- 345E; : A10U, A4 US, S120, A6_US, A7_EU, A7_US, A8_EU, A8_US, A9 Cloud Mobile S500, A6_EU, A800, AK330S, AK330T, Aspire One 8.9 inch Netbook Van Gogh Tablet, ICONIA TAB A100, LIQUID EXPRESS PHONE, be Touch E110, be Touch E130, D65/GSM 2W/DSC 1W Handpo, D66/GSM 2W/DSC 1W Handpo, D68/GSM 2W/DSC 1W Handpo, D75/GSM 2W/DSC 1W Handpo, D77/GSM 2W/DSC 1W Handpo, D791 / GSM, D791/GSM 2W/DCS 1W Handportable, D792/GSM 2W/DCS 1W Handportable, E101 be Touch, E110(C3_EU), E110(C3_US), E110(K1_US), E120(K2_EU), E120(K2_US), E130(K3_US), E310 Liquid mini, E400(C2_EU), E400(C2_US), F900 Tempo, G 201, G520M, G530M, G625, G75, GANDALF, Gauguin EU, Gauguin US, GAUGUIN_CDMADO, GM7050, ICONIA 7, A1-724, Iconia A1-811 EU, Iconia A1-811 US, Iconia Tab 7 A1-713, ICONIA TAB 7, A1-713, Iconia Tab 8, A1-841, ICONIA TAB A3, ICONIA A3-A11, ICONIA TAB B1, ICONIA B1, ICONIA TALK 7 B1-713, A5301, Liquid E1 Dual, C10, V360, Liquid E2, V370, V360N, Liquid E3, E380, Liquid E3, E380, C15, Liquid E600 Dual micro Sim, Liquid E700, E39, Liquid E800, E800, Liquid Jade 2, Liquid Jade Primo, Liquid Jade S, S56, Liquid JADE Z, S57, Liquid JADE, S55, Liquid M100, M100, M220, Liquid M220, M220, Liquid M320, Liquid M330, Liquid S2, Liquid S3, S53, LIQUID X2, Liquid Z100, Z100, Liquid Z2, Z120 Dual SIM, Liquid Z200, Z200, Liquid Z200, Z200, Z205, Liquid Z220, Liquid Z220, Z220, Liquid Z3, Liquid Z3 Z130, Liquid Z320, Liquid Z330, Liquid Z4, Liquid Z4, Z160, Liquid Z400, Z400, Liquid Z410, Z410, Liquid Z500, Z500, Liquid Z520, Liquid Z520, Z520, Liquid Z530, LIQUID Z530S, Liquid Z6, Liquid Z630, Liquid Z630S, Liquid Z7, Liquid Zest, LIQUID ZEST LTE, Liquid Zest Plus Z628, Liquid ZX, On2s, P300(L2R), P600(F3_EU), P600(F3_US), S100 Liquid, S110(A3_EU), S110(A3_US), S120 Liquid Metal, S200 neo Touch, neo Touch F1, S510 Liquid S1 Duo, S520 Liquid S2, V360N, X960, XG818, Z, Z1, Liquid Z110 Duo (Dual SIM), ZXR; : A511, A737, A755, C870A, C870C, C870F, C8712F, C8715M, C871A, C871C, C872C, C873C, C873F, C880C, M302 M605 M306 M308 M201, M322, M331, M332, M341, M501, M605, S351, S622, TD368, TD369, TD520, UTEC V308, UTEC V392, W733; : ADVAN, B4, B4A, B5A, B7A, DT-10, E1-B, E1C, E1C 3G, E1C NEW, E1C PRO, E1C , E1C , E1C 7002, E1F, E1G, E3A, E3C, HAMMER R1D, HAMMER R1E, HAMMER R3B, HAMMER R3C, HAMMER R3C 2405, HAMMER R3D, HAMMER R3E, HAMMER R3G, HAMMER R5C, HAMMER R5D, HAMMER R5E, HAMMER R5F, HAMMER R5G, HAMMER R5H, HAMMER R5I, HAMMER R7D, HAMMER R7E, HAMMER R7F, i45, I4A, I4C, I4D, I4K, I4U, I55, I55A, I55C, I55D, I55K, I55U, I5A, I5D, I5E, I5K, I5U, I7A, I7C, I7D, I7K, I7U, I8, M55A, M6 5026, M6A, Q7A, Q7A PLUS, R1A, R1B, R1C, R3 , HAMMER R3 , R3A, R5B, R6F, R6M, R7A, R7B, S3 LITE, S3 LITE 3516, S3 New, S, S35A, S35D, S35D 3588, S35E, S35E 3518, S35F 3517, S35G, S35H_3589, S35J, S35K, S35L, S35_3528, S38H, S3A , S3C 3561, S3D, S3E, S3F, S3G, S3H, S4 , S40, S40A, S40C, S45A 4511, S45A PLUS, S45C, S45C 4512, S45D, S45D 4545, S45E, S45F, S47A, S47C, S47E, S4A, S4A NEW, S4A , S4A 4011, S4C, S4D, S4E, S4E 4001, S4F, S4F_4033, S4G, S4H, S4H PLUS, S4I, S4J, S4K, S4K 4028, S4K PLUS, S4L, S4M, S4M 4026, S4M PLUS, S4P, S4Q, S4R, S4T, S4X, S4Z, S5-C, S5-F, S50 5013, S50C, S50D, S50E, S50F, S50G, S50H, S50I, S50J, S53F, S55 5006, S55A, S55C, S55D, S5E, S5E CORE, S5E NEW, S5E NXT, S5E PRO, S5E , S5G, S5G , S5H, S5I, S5J, S5J 5070, S5J PRO, S5J 5009, S5K, S5L 5518, S5M, S5M 5004, S5P, S5Q, S5Q 5020, S5R, S5X, S5X 5500, S6 6001, S6A, S6A 6018, S6C, S6D, S6E, S7A, S7C, S7D, S7E, S7F, T1-E, T1G, T1G 7003, T1G PLUS, T1G PLUS 7770, T1J PRO, T1J , T1J 7050, T1K, T1K PLUS 7021, T1L, T1L 7001, T1L , T1M, T1M 7053, T1M PLUS, T1Q, T1Q PLUS, T1Q PLUS 7021, T1R, T1R 7021, T1R Plus, T1S, T1S 7056, T1X, T1X NEW, T1X PLUS, T1X Pro, T1X Pro 7056, T1Z, T1Z PLUS, T1Z, T1Z 7052, T2F PLUS 7408, T2G, T3-A, T3C, T3E, T3E PRO, T3E 1001, T3G, T3H, T3J, T3X, T3Z, T5-A, T5C, T5C 7820, T5C PRO, T5C 7805, T5E, T5G, T5X, VANDROID S5E, VANDROID T1J, W100 1002, W12, W80 8001, X7A; : #, AG CHROME PLUS , BOOST, BOOST 2, CHACER, Charm, CHROME GO TAB 7.0, CHROME MINI, CHROME SELFIE, CHROME STATUS, CHROME SWIFT, CHROME Ultra, CHROME VIBE, EVERLAST, FREEDOM ACCESS, FREEDOM LTE, GLIDE, GO TAB ACCESS 2, GO TAB MAX 10 4G, GO TAB MAX 10 LTE, GO-TAB 10 3G, GO-TAB ACCESS, JIVE, KEEPA, NEON, PUNCH, QUEST, RAGE, RAZOR, SHINE, Snap, STING, STING PLUS, STYLE 2, THETHA, THINTA WHATSAPP, TYPO, ULTRA 2, WHUTZ ZAPPA, XTYPE, ZONE; : 9300 MINI, A-3000, A-6, A-7, A-POD, AG, AG 4, AG-006, AG-10, AG-11, AG-111, AG-12, AG-1678, AG-180, AG-1942, Ag-2, AG-202, AG-222, AG-2600, AG-3050, AG-33, AG-40, AG-41, AG-42, AG-43, Ag-5, AG-50, AG-500, AG-505, AG-5230, AG-5240, AG-53, AG-5600, AG-580, AG-60, AG-606, AG-630, AG-670, AG-6700i, AG-678, AG-7000, AG-707, AG-7260I, AG-73I, AG-75, AG-777, AG-79I, AG-80, AG-88, AG-90, AG-9000, AG-95, AG-97, AG-ALTO, AG-DHOOM, AG-DORBY, AG-KORBY, AG-KUVI, AG-PROJECTOR, AG-RACE, AG-SKY, AG-VISA, ALFA, ANDRO, ARMY, B-1, B-10, B-2, BANK, BODYGUARD, BOSS, C 5, C-1, C, C-30, CAR, CHAMPION V, CHETAK, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE II, D, DISCO, DOLLAR, E-400, EDGE, F-1, F-2, F-800, G, G 2, H-20, H-21, HEERA, ICE, INVERTER W-100, K 11, K-12, K-30, K-40, K-50, K-70, K-700, LEADER, LOTTERY, LUCKY, M-9, MASTER, MIRZA AZAD, NO.2, NO.3, NO.4, NOVA POWER, P-100, P-200, P-300, Petrol, PROFIT; : 10.16G, 1014A, 1016D, 1016G, 1035A, 1041A, 1041D, 1041E, 1041X, 1042D, 1042X, 1050D, 1050G, 1052D, 1052G, 1054E, 1054G, 1054X, 1061D, 1062, 140, 20.01, 2001X, 2004C, 2004G, 2006G, 2007D, 2007X, 2010D, 2012D, 2012G, 2041X, 2051A, 2051D, 2051E, 2051X, 2052A, 2052, 2052M, 2052, 2052X, 2052, 3000D, 3000H, 3003G, 3022D, 3022G, 3023D, 3023G, 3040G, 3043G, 3G ONLY, ONE TOUCH X231S, 3G ONLY, ONE TOUCH X300E, 3G USB Modem One Touch X060s, 4001X, 4002X, 4013X, 4019A, 4024D, 4035A, 4036A, 4037T, 4037N, 4037R, 4G Car Wifi, 6071B, 7041X Pop C7, 7045A, 7048T, 7053D, 9020A, 9023X One Touch PIXI 3 (8) LTE , 9100, 9100 Type 9109 H, 9109 PA, 9109PA, A205G, A206G, A207G, A341i, A480G, A560G, A850L, A995L, Airtel HC 600 Ty, Alcatel One touch 557, Alcatel One touch 756, Aroma AD111, Audiovox Type GSM 510, B331, BB8310, BIC V6, 1042X, 1042D, C6745, C753, CARE TIME, CP200, Crystal A, D820A, DAWN, Dirland Miniphone, Dirland Mobiphone, Dirland Type Miniphone I, E100a, E105a, E221x, E552, EE40VB, EE60VB, ELLE 09, ELLE 09 A, Elle Glamphone N1 1BL1, ELLE N1 Coleccion 2005-2, ELLE N2 Coleccion 2007, ELLE N3, ELLE N3 Bluetooth Jewel, ELLE No2 Fall Winter 06/, EOLE, F102G, F123x, SFR 123, f123x-2esffr1, FIRE 2 (3.5), 4022X, FIRE 2 (3.5), 4023D, FIRE 2 (3.5), 4023X, FLASH PLUS, 7054T, FLASH X, GFLIP 2, GLAMPHONE ELLE, GLAMPHONE ELLE A, GSM 510 Type Audiovox HB, I217A, Idol 2 Mini S LTE, OT-6036X, OT-6036A, Idol 2 Mini S LTE, OT-6036X, OT-6036A, OT-6036Y, Idol S, One Touch 6034M, Idol S, One Touch 6034Y, IDOL4 S, JITTERBUG 6, K4010X, L800FA, LINK 3G MOBILE WIFI, Y610A, LINK 3G MOBILE WIFI, Y610D, LINK 4 150MBPS, Y858V, LINK 4 II, LINK 4G MOBILE WIFI, LINKKEY, LINKZONE, Lisa 9030 Type 9109H, M812F, MD01, MD02x, MF100W, Miss Sixty, Miss Sixty A, Miss Sixty Smartphone MSX10, Movistar HC 100, MS4B, C 140 Basic, C 410D, C 960 or Alcatel One Touch 903, S 960, C 968, S 968, 968, OT-968, C 970 970H S 972 (Russia - C 970), C 970, S 970, C 972, S 972, S Touch 540, ??? Iphone desned by apple in california assembled in china model no a1332 emc 380a fcc id bcg e2380a ic. Celular iphone 4s 64gb modelo a1332 es chino.

Celular iphone 4s chino - YouTube COM 236, TOYOTA LEXUS, World Com 718; : Aquaries E 5 HD 8GB, Aquaries E4, Aquaries E4.5, Aquaries E5 FHD, AQUARIS A4.5, AQUARIS E 5.0 HD 16GB, AQUARIS E10.1, Aquaris E4.5, AQUARIS E4.5 UBUNTU EDITION, AQUARIS E5 4G 16GB-2GB RAM, AQUARIS E5 4G, AQUARIS E5 4G 8GB, AQUARIS E5, Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition, AQUARIS E5 LTE 4G, AQUARIS E5HD16 1GB, AQUARIS E5S, AQUARIS E6, AQUARIS M4.5, AQUARIS M5, AQUARIS M5 METAL, AQUARIS M5.5, Aquaris X5, BQ 5.7, FNAC 5.7, BQS-5001 Milan, EDISON 3 3G, K25, K27, K52; : 1500 , C2 , X-O94 , 2252, 2700, M25, W2012, W598, 6133, F11, K707, N98, 6600, N71, P900, V91, 9009, 9899, I5000, A20, A828, C525, S838, B102, B1211, N28, N590, T66, B165, B263, B268, B1209, C2, N59, X-O85, X-O84, K1, K6, K8802, T3303, K3, K7, T10, N330, N360, N606, N808; : BY100, BY200, BY300, BY400, BY500, BY600BY-70, BY-900, BY-999., BY-555, BY-222, BY-888, BY101, BY110, BY120, BY115, BY125, BY130, BY255, BY220, BY250, BY260, BY005, BY009, BY007, BY011, BY275, BY300I, BY333, BY501, BY777, BY505, BY606, BY666, BY880, BY901I, BY909, BY999V, GC-444; : 110, 112, 6700, X200, 2013, 2610, 2620, 7100, 2015, E5, E6, E8, 2730, I9300, X1, X2, A290, E1, E2, H73, C1, C2, Z1, Z2, C100, C200, C99, C33, C55, C220, C330, C450, S10, C230, C332, C346, C771, C330, C450, C770, C780, C340, C540, C660, C790, C343, C345, C665, C788, C454, C881, C331, C232, C545, C789, C880, C882, C550, C780, C880, S20, C650, C660, C850, S30, C7100, CL15, CL16, CL18, C770, C786, S40, S50, CM1S, CM2, CM3, CM7, D50, D90, D33, D55, D60, D70, D80, N1, G228, G333, G555, G999, S5, S6, S8, S9, SPARK S10, SPARK S20, SPARK S30, SPARK S50, SPARK S12, SPARK S15, SPARK S24, SPARK S25, SPARK S7, SPARK S11, SPARK S22, SPARK S33, TAB T4, TAB T5, TAB T6, TAB T8, X202, X303, X505, 1130; : C2268, C36, C5188, C5198, C5288, C5388, C6088 , C6088A , C6268, C6288, C6288 , C6288A , C6398, C6568, C6588, C8000, C8001, C8002, C8028, C8088, C8089, C8090, C8600, C8828, C8988, CT8, CT9, D808, E82, E83, F818, GD200; : 1118, 1128, 1198, 1288, 1528, 1588, 1658, 166, 1688, 186, 196, 197, 2046, 218, 2280, 2730TV, 2730 TV, 3270, 3280, 3290, 3811, 5116, I889, 5218, 5518, 56D80, 578, 599, 6218, 6258, 6628, 6658, 6688, 6808, 690, 728, 737, 747, 7520, 7680, 769, 858, 8809, 8828, 8829, 8839, 8859, 8869, 8879, 8898, 8916, 8956, 898, 8GB, 9288, 9588, 9628, 966, 968, 9696, 9810, 9890, 9898, 9910, 9918, 9928, 9938, 9968, 9980, 9988, 999, A王790, A6830, A6838, A8 , A900, a950, BT10, C1600, C1800, C3166, C3200, C5088, C5189, C5199, C5588, C6000V, C6600, C6800, C828, C902, CEC898, CEC9656, CEC9680, CECE F480, CECT, CS288, CS512, CT2020, E 71, E139, E2800, E2800 , E2808, e698 GSM PDA, E768, E808, ECS MOBILE DG676, EV500, EV600, Ez801, F6800, F909, FG525, FG830, FG850, FM TV 698, G1260, G3200, GS860, H838, Huiz RJ200, I-70, I-89, I-890, i361, I368, i653, I658, i68 , K808, I681, I890, ip100, IP1000, IP200, IP300, K008, K448, K558, K599 Wi Fi TV, K638, K778, K828, K848, K858, K868, K878, K910, L1818, LEO727, M1818, M668, M851, M852, M853, M856, M858, M981, M989, M991, mfu 6700 , Mio Di Walker 8380, N105, N518, N518, N528, N911, OS70, OS830, OS86, P168C, P310, P3410, P3612, P3660, P717, P989, PHIILPS002, PHIILPS 002, Q2000, Q208, Q218, Q300-A, Q308, Q380, Q500, SED V619, Q508, Q518, Q588, Q6219, Q658, Q7610, Q788, Q8100, Q866, QS118, ROWA 878, ROWA 968, ROWA838, S283 (Soutec S283), S369, S539, S566, S567, S5688, S568A, S569, S570, S7688, S801, S803, S857, S901, S901 (China TV Dual Sim Simultaneous Mobile Phone), Sci Phone I9 , Sci Phone i68 , SL309, SPT88D, T185, T389, T586, T616, T619, T668, T688, T688 , T689, Meidea Y1000, Vertu Ferrari V2, T6G, T6T, T969, TA706, TE520, Tilon 6700i Dual Sim, TS320, TS560, TT520, TY282, TY283, TY285, TY286, TY288, TY290, TY291, TY292, TY295, TY296, TY298, TY299, TY300, TY302, TY318, TY328, TY600, TY601, TY602, TY610, TY620, TY630, TY650, TY660, TY758, TY788, U506, U8800, U8810, U908, Unis 920, Unis U80, UVXU U66, V008, V188, V108, V155, V158, V160, V260, V288, V410, V468, V509 , V588, V59, V66 , V668, v668i, V678, V678A, V718, V788, V800A, V958, VEVA C5, VEVA S95, VEVA U506, VEVA U58, VEVA U618, VEVA U66, VEVA U88, VEVA U9, VEVA U908, VEVA W300, w950, X210, X531, X536, Y508, Y700, y809, Y829, Y879, YM007, YM008, YM027, YM028, YM108, YM109, YM527, ZS8A, ZT11; : C 280, C 285, C 298, C 319, C 32, C 325, C 329, C 340, C 343, C 349 STAR, C 349STAR, C 366, C 377, C 399, C 4040, C 419, C 44 , C 47, C 5 , C 52 , C 58, C 6 STAR, C 604, C 605, C 64, C 666, C 699, C 6I, C 7045, C 707, C 71; : C9STAR, CAMPUS A407, CAMPUS A518, CAMPUS NOVA A352E, CAMPUS PRIME, CAMPUS Q405, CHARM COLORS, CHARM GRAND, CHARM MEGA, CHARM MINI, CHARM ONE, CHARM STAR, CHEACOMM A99, CT2, CT722, CT888, CT910, DIAMOND PRO, MILLENNIA 2GB STAR, MILLENNIA EVEREST, MILLENNIA HERO, Millennia Q450, Millennia Q5K Power, MILLENNIA SPARK, Millennium Ultra Q500, MONALISA 5, MUSIC , OCTA510, POWER , Q 3000, Q 42, Q 54, Q3KPOWER, Q400, Q44, Q455, Q470, Q4GPLUS, Q58 XPLORE, WIN 400, Xion S CT695; : CORAL 640, CRISTOBAL, CT 535S, CT 5508, CT 7598, CT 8998, CT [email protected], CT8598, CT8998, CTX620, Eastcom ET 716, EDFM88, EZ 100, GLP138GT, GLPT118PA, GPRS1218, GPRS1219, GPRS88, CORAL C650, GPT380, GSM1115, IQ180; : SX5208, TE1101GT, TELEFONICA, PCD, CELLON GLPL138GTNS, GLPL138MX, GLPL138S, TELEFONICA, PCD, CELLON TTX28, TTX28GT, TTX38SV/TTX38GT/TTX38NI, V 100, V 160, V2000, V3100, YTR 02, CMS 91, Z 1100, Z 3000, Z300, Z3000, Z3900, Z6100, Z6110, Z8000; : C25, C35, C45, F501, MX40, MX45, MX50, MX51, MX60, MX66, MX70, MX80, QT100, QT500, S111, S110, S100, QT 300, QT 200, MX65, MX55, C55, C52, C50, S200, C40, S90, S95, S101, S112, S115, ST100, ST200, W100, W300; : ASTRO 181E, ASTRO 182W, ASTRO 183W, ASTRO 185E, ASTRO 186W, ASTRO 242W, ASTRO 243E, ASTRO 35PDA, ASTRO 3K, Astro GC241, ASTRO MERO, ASTRO184W, EON 3G, EON BLAZE, EON EDGE, EON ELITE, EON EXPRESS, EON INTEL G8, EON LITE PLUS, EON X4; : DM6513, MY PHONE, MY PHONE 35, MY PHONE 65, MYPHONE 41, MYPHONE 42, MYPHONE 43, MYPHONE36, MYPHONE 37, SM3512, SM3513, SQ 35, SQ181, SQ241, SQ241 POWER, SQ281, TRENDY 531, WTAB706, WTAB901, WTAB_704A, X1 STAR, X2 SLEEK, Y1 STAR, Y3 SLEEK, X3 SUPER, X4 POWER, X5 PLUS, X6 HERO, Y5 PRO, Y7 TURBO, Y5 PLUS, Y2 SUPER , Y6 HERO; : CH-393A, CHANGHONG008-IIIM, 008-IIIM, CHANGHONG008-VI, 008-VI, CHANGHONGA9800, A9800, CHANGHONGC200, C200, CHANGHONGC300, C300, CHANGHONGC606, C606, CHANGHONGGA888, CHANGHONGH01, H01, CHANGHONGT02, CHANGHONGT07, CHANGHONGT619, CHANGHONGV10, V10, CHANGHONGV5T, V5T, CHANGHONGW5, W5; : D228, DG118, DG18, DG218, DG28, DG318, DG38, DG518, DG58, DG618, DG718, G368, GA558, GA568, GA588, GA628, GA638, GA918, GA958, GH2618, GH2818, GH3518, HD2188, HD2288, HD2388, K208 Q, K219, K258, K288, K298, L128, L138; : Amadeus, AU2-125, AU2-128, AU3-125, AU3-128, AU4-125, AU4-128, Bach, Beethoven, CAPITEL C2168, Chopin, CMCS BACH, CMCS EDISON, CMCS MIA, CMCS SF4Y6, CMCS ZOE2, Edison, Einstein, F902, F905, FST, HOLMES, Konstanze, Ludw, MR. Symphony, A 2608, A-1000, A2015128, A2608, A2618, A2638, A338, A3880, A3890, A8288, A8388, A8588, A8688, A8788, A8988, A9000, AB001, AD687G, AE18, AER, AG001GO/K, AGBF301C, AILISHUN A3, AILISHUN A6, AILISHUN A8, AILISHUN A9, AINKIN B3310, AK16, AK18, AK19, AK5, AK500, ALFA D68, ALR-W160, AP168, AP189, AP2668, AP2698, AP2928, AP2968, AP2998, AP555, AP568, AP6628, AP6658, AP666, AP6689, AP6828, AP6858, AP6898, AP777, AP8689, AP8698, AP8699, AP888, AP8968, AP898, AP8996, AP8998, AP998, AR9960, ARI ARI 7INCH, ASB TF618, AUTOID6L, AUTOID9, AWIO N8, B19, B39, B86, B88, BAOA6, BAS001, BAS002, PMP7280C3G-WH-DUO, 7D2S, BAS003, BC9901, BC9902, BC9905, BC9906, BC9910, BC9930, BC9938, BD199, BD30, BD3080, BD3088, BD5006, BD5008, BD5088, BD52, BD55, BD56, BD5800, BD5880, BD5888, BD59, BD6008, BD8008, BD9008, BD9080, BD9088, BD9800, BEST SONNY D200A, BEST SONNY D5, BEST SONNY F18, BEST SONNY K18, BEST SONNY S100A, BEST SONNY S18, BEST SONNY T18, BEST SONNY TV18, BL-A828, BL668, BL819, BL829, BL9901, BL9902, BL9903, BL9905, BL9909, BL9911, BL9931, BL9932, BM320, BM330, BM350, BM360, BM510, BM520, BM521, BM530, BM580, BM600, BM610, BM720, BM730, BM750, BROAD LIFE PHONE L4, BROR-C100, BS188, BS199, BS200, BS218, BS288, BS318, BS9908, BS9933, BS9935, BS9936, BSW100, BX-101, C-801, C-802, C-803, C23BT, C520LW, CA-D618, CA-F6, CA-H8, CA-L208, CA-L688, CA-M200, CA-M808, BAR C218BAR C218, BAR C318, BAR F518, BAR F618, CC AG GHOST, CC AG STYLE, CC AG ZENITH, CCPO C8, CCPO C9, CCPO V520, CDTT-F9, CE10, CE23318, CF02, CH390, CH650, Cheng Uei TV31US, CHENGHONG A2, CHER W90, CHERR 2500, CHERR 3000, CHERR 3100, CHERR 7610, CHERR 7880, CHERR 9300, CK-A31, CK-A37, CK-F118, CK10, CK168, CK199, CK320, CK529, Clone Samsung GT-19260h, CM9, CMCC900, CO-C138, CO-C168, CO-C2, CO-C238, CO-E128, CO-H158, CO-R828, COCA-Z1, COMIO S600, COMNEED E58, COMNEED E71, COMNEED E95, COMNEED E99, COMNEED M1, COMNEED M6, COMNEED M8, COMPEQ CAPACITIVE, MULTITOUCH, SLIM, SUPER SLIM, M9, M10, X6,3G, BUSINESS, E71, CONNECTNET BROADBAND WIRELESS T-PAD, CQ785, CRV/A6, CS299B-A, CUBA C51, CV737, CZ55, D1080, D1122, D1166, D118, D1188, D1199, D128, D1288, D156, D1666, D168, D203, D205, D209, D236, D256, D286, D296, D2K GE-100, D309, D356, D386, D396, D50S, D8601, D8906, D8909, DA8026-G, DA868, DAT400, DB6005, DB6009, DD1.1, DDT5607, DG626, DG810, DIAGNOSTICS ONLINE HOST CONTROLLER, DIALOG CELLULAR, DINKY THE DINGO, DJ400, DK34681, DK510, DK512, DK515, DK518, DK526, DK528, DK531, DK535, DK536, DK539, DK561, DM6, DM7, DM998, DOM0 7800, DOMO D100, DOMO D102, DOMO D1O1, DOMO D200, DOMO M600, DOMO Q1, DOMO T800, DSL-A1, DST800, DSTS2, DT306, DTM5731, DTM6211, DU32, DUAL-TSX ITT-DTANG-OT500, DX33, DY100, E-20, E1188, E16, E178, E183, E190, E191, E196, E197, E266, E289, E55I, E663, E696, E79, E989, ECOWASTE, EG588, EINPAD V22, EMM8, ES101, ESCORT JOYE E8, ETOM L309, ETRA INVESTACION Y DESARROLLO SA, EVC8Q, EVT10Q, EWMI W5, EZ812, F002, F005, F010, F100A, F12, F599, K303, T57, K810, F2098, F258, F2588, F5070, F663, F6735, F8909, F799, F9015, F925, F927, F968, FORLIFE 2700/C200/T8/T9/T6, FP1X-T1, FP1X-T3, FQ330, FRITZ! BOX LTE AVM-LTE-MODULE #002, FW 128G, G HONGGH2628L, G HONGGH3638L, G HONGGH3658L, G HONGGH3668W, G HONGGH3678, G HONGU580, G138, G3 606, G506, GBEST P7 , GBN008-A, GBN008-B, GF-8810, GF-F16, GF-F18, GF-F19, GF-F6, GF-F8, GF-F9, GF108, GJ TOP-1 U8, U9, GK-110, GK277, GKT01, GL101, GM-18, GM605, GO7 3G, GOB Q5, GOB Q7, GOB V6, GOLY X5, GR M18 M18I, GRADYS, GRO JC8091A, GSN010, GT1000(9), GT2000, GV65, GV9001, GW500, GW700, GW907, H-D29, H102, H103, H108, H128, H1600, H2600, H288, H289, H301, H50-3, H99, HARMAN HERMES, HAWK, HB-T8813B, HB1, HCG-D21, HEG-D10, Herotech HN2008, Herotech HN2018, HG200, HIMAX POLYMER 2, POLYMER 2X, POLYMER 3, POLYMER 3X, HJ5B, HK688, HKM750, HMI X1, HOT EX128, HR-S320, HR-S600, HR-X3, HR-X6, HR2288(3)P-G, HR2288(5)-G-X612U, HR5189TG-8B, HS-T978, HT Q100, HT-4, HT-586, HT-M3, HT-N1, HT3008, HT766, HT8016, HT9670, HTZ-2816G(6831C), HTZ-2816G(6861), HWCD399(1)GSM, HWCD6238(10)GSML, HWCD888(6), HWCD888(6)GSM, HWCD888(6)GSM1, HWCD888(6)GSMI, HWCD888(6)TD, HWCD888(6)TD1, HWCD888(6)TD2, HWCD888(6)TDL, HWCD888(6)TDL1, HX-V5, HX555, HYF5006, HYF5008, HYF6005, HYF6300, HYF808, HYF998, I168, I198, I6631, I9500, T1, I9200, S720, IBOX. 824F, E3272, E3276, E3276 4G USB Modem, E3276s-150, E3276 4G USB Modem, E3276s-500, E3276 M150-1 (), E3276, E3276s-920, E3276S, E3276S, E3276S-601, E3276S, E3276S-860, E3276s-151, E3331s-2, E3331s-3, E3351, E3351s-3, E3372, E3372 4G-LTE (C 827F), E3372H-153, E3372H-153 4G LTE modem, E3372S-153, E3372U-932, E352, E352 USB modem, E352, E352AS, E352, E352R USB modem, E352R, E352s, E353, E353 (E353s-2, E353s-1A, E353U, E353u-2) modem, E353 USB modem, E353, E353WS, E3531, E3531I-1, E3531I-2, E3531S, E3531S-2, E3531S-6, E3531WS, E353TU, E353, E353U, E353Ws-2, E355, E355, E355s-2 modem with 3G Wi-Fi router, E357, E357s-2, E367, E367/E367u-2, E369BV, E372, E372WU, E3735, E392, E392 4G LTE Modem, E392U-511, E397, E397BU-501, E397, E397BU-501R3, E397BU-7, E5331s-2, E510, E5151s-2, E5172DS-930, E5172S 22 LTE Router, E5172s-22, E5172S 22 LTE Wi Fi Router, E5172s-920, E5172S-927, E5175S, E5175S-22, E5180AS-22; : E5180S-22, E5180S-517, E5180S-610, E5180S-926, E5186S-22A, E5186S-61A, E5186S-63C, E5220S, E5220s-1, E5220S-2, E5220s-2 mobile Wi Fi, E5251, E5330, E5336, E5330AS router, E5330BS-2, E5330BS-2, E5336BS-2, E5330BS-6, E5330BS, E5331, E5331Ws-1, E5332s-2, E5336, E5336BS-6, E5336BS, E5338, E5351S-2, EM820W, E5351S, EM820W, E5356S-2, E5372S Wi-Fi router, E5372S-32, E5372S-601, E5372TS-601, E5372T, E5372TS, E5373, E5373S-155, E5377BS-508, E5377BS-605, E5377S-32, E5377S-327, E5377TS-32, E5383S-327, E5573, E5573 4G/Wi-Fi router, E5573, E5573S-606, E5573B, E5573S-320, E5573S-607, E5573S-806, E5575S, E5575S-210, E5577, E5577, E5577C, E5577CS-321, E5577D, E5577S-321, E5578S-932, E560, E560S, E5730S, E5730S-6, E5732s, E5756s-2, E5770, E5771H-937, E5771S-852, E5771S-856, E5775, E5776-71, E5776S, E5776s-22, C 821FT, E5776s-32, E5776S-501, E5776S, E5776S-601, E5776S-860, E5776S, E5776S-860A, E5776S, E5776S-922, E5776S, E5785LH-92A, E5786S-32A, E5786S-62A, E5786S-63A, E5787S-33A, E5803, E5808, E5830, E5830 / E5832 / E5838, E5830 3G/Wi Fi router, E5832, E5836, E5838, E583C, E585, E585 Wi-Fi Router, E586, E586 (HSDPA-Wi Fi-Router), E586, E586Es-2 Wi-Fi modem, E587 modem, 3G-Wi Fi router, UMG587, E587, UMG587 router or T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot, E5878S-32, E587u-2, E589, E589U-512, E589U, E589U-91, E589U, E620, E630 PCMCIA Modem, E660, E6810, E8131, E8231, E8231S-1, E8221S-1 3G Wi-Fi, E8231S, E8231S-81, E8259S, E827, E8278S, E8278S-603, E8338BWs-2 Webcube, E8372, E8372 LTE Wi Fi Stick, E8372H-517, E8372H-608, E8377S-153, E8378WS-210, E870, E8802, E881, E5220s-2, E881E, E961, E968, E970, EA260-135, EA360-114, EA360-118, EA360-123, EA360-135, EA660-118, EA660, EA660-123, EA660, EA660-135, EA660-137, EA660, EA660-160, EA660V2-135, EA661-118, EA661, EC309, EC3372, EC5373U-929, EC5825, EC8372U-871, EC901, Echo Life MMC255, Echo Life MMC255u, Eco II, EFAIRY T118, EG162 USB Modem, EG162G, EG1630, EG602, EG860-C71, EG860-D61, EH811-118, EH811, ELOM, EM100-135, EM100-162, EM300-P, EM310, EM311, EM560, EM562, EM563, EM680 (Gobi3000) is a 3G/GPS/EVDO/HSPA Mini PCI Express module, EM700, EM700J, EM701, EM710-C71, EM730J, EM730V, EM750M, EM750V, EM770 / Modem in Q10air, EM770J, EM770M, EM770Q, EM770S, EM770U, EM770V, EM770W, EM770W module, EM772, EM775, EM820U, EM820U Mini PCI E 3G 3 75g WCDMA, EM820U module, EM820W, EM920E, e Mobile Pocket Wi Fi G4 (GP02), Enjoy 5, Enjoy 5S Dual SIM (TAG-AL00), Enjoy 5s, TAG-TL00, Enjoy 6S Dual SIM (D-AL00), Enjoy 6S Dual SIM (D-TL10), EP650-C71, EP650-C72, EP680V2-C18M, EP680V2-C71, EP680V2-D04, ERNIE, ET127, ET128 3G, ET128-2, ET1281, ET158, ET188, ET302, ET302-S, ET303, ET316, ET316S, ET319, ET365, ET516, ET5220, ET5321, ET536, ET608, ET6282, ET8282, ETS 3053, ETS-3053, ETS 3125i, ETS 8121, ETS1160, ETS1360, ETS3008, ETS3018, ETS3022, ETS3023, ETS3023 , ETS3023 (GPRS), ETS3028, ETS3052, ETS3058, ETS3125, ETS3125i, ETS3126, ETS312A, ETS312M, ETS3155, ETS315M, ETS3160, ETS3223, ETS3228, ETS3253, ETS5623, ETS5623 VERB, ETS5623 VERB, ETS5623, ETS5623 VERG, ETS5623, ETS8121, ETS8321, EV750-C71, EV750-D04, F316, F317, F361, F362, F385, F501 VERB, F501 VERC, F501 VERE, F501 VERF, F516, F523, F561, F566, F580, F615, F615, F615-50, F615-20, F615, F615-23, F617-20, F617-50, F617-51, F635, F661, F685, F685, F685-41, FC312E, FC315E, FC5121, FC512E, FC612E, ets2, FD312H, FD315H, FD512S, FDD B2131, B2131-ODU, FG100, FL312A, FL315A, C8815, FP3125, FP312G, FP312H, FP312M, FP3155, FP3156 ETS3023 (GPRS), FP315G, FP315H, FP315M, FP512S, FP515H, FP615H, FT3110, FT3310, FUSION 2 U8665, U8665, G Play Mini, CHC-U01, G1000 (Ufone), G1000 , G1100, G1101, G1101 PLUS, G1102, G1103, G1105, G1153, G1157, G1158, G2100, G2101, G2103, G2157, G2158 ufone, G2200, G2200, G2201, G2200C, G2201, G2201C, G2201c Ufone, G2205, G2210, G2300, G2300C, G2800, Beeline A103, G2800S, G2800S (C Start 2), Beeline G2800S, G2802, G2802, G2802S, G3500, G3501, G3501T, G3510, G3510S, G3511, G3511C, G3512, G3610, G3610, G3610C, G3620, G3621, G3621(A), G3621, G3621L, G3621L(A), G3621L, G3621L(B), G3621L, G3701, G5010, G510, G510-0251, G520-T10, T7100 , G520t G520 3G, G527, G5500, G5510, G5521, G5580, G5720, G5726, G5730, G5760, G5760P, G6003, G6005, G6006, G6007A, G6007B, G6008, G6050, G610-T00, G610S, ASCEND G610, G610-U00, G610-U30, G6110, G6151, G6153, G616, G616-L076, G616-T00, G621-TL00, G6210, G629-UL00, G630, ASCEND G630, G630-U251, ASCEND G630, G6300, G6300S, G6301, G6-T00, G6310, G6600, G6600, C 635, G6600D, G6603, VM 820, G6605, G6608, G6609, G6610, G6610V, G6611, G6620, G6621, G6622, G6626, G6680, G6800, G7 Plus Dual SIM RIO-TL00, G7002, G7005, G7007, G7010, G7105, G7206, G7206-C, G7220, G730-U27, ASCEND G730, G7300, G7300, T-Mobile Energy, G7600, G8, G8 Dual SIM (RIO-AL00), G8100, ES8100, G8150, ES8150, G8500, ES8500, G8600, A199, G8600, S8600, G9 Lite VNS-AL00, G9 Plus, GD03W, GL06P, GL10P, GO3, GP H100, MU509, GP01, GP04, GR3, GR3 Dual SIM (NCE-L22) / Enjoy 5S (Huawei Tango), GR5, GRAMEEN PHONE CRYSTAL, GRAMEENPHONE C200, GREENPHONE C200, GS02, GS03, GTM900, GTM900-C, GX8, G8, H11HW, H1621, H1622, H215G, H350L, H670, H715BL, H867G, H871G, Y336-A1, H882L, H883G, H891L, HA35-10, HA35-11, HA35-22, HD1B820A, HG553, HG556a, Hi Link E303Cs, E303Cs-3, Honor 3, HN3-U00, Honor 3C H30-U10, Honor 3C Lite, Honor Holly HOL-U19, Honor 3C Play Dual SIM Hol-U10, Honor 3C Play Edition, HOL-T00, HONOR 3C, H30-L01, Honor 3C, H30-L02, Honor 3C, H30-T00, Honor 3C, H30-U10, ETS5623, Honor 3X G750, G750-T01, Honor 3X G750, G750-T01M, Honor 3X G750, Glory 4, G750-T01, Honor 3X Pro, Honor 4 Play, Honor Play4 4G LTE Dual Sim G620S, Honor 4 Play, Honor Play4 4G LTE Dual Sim G620S-UL00, Honor 4A Dual Sim, SCL-L02, Honor 4A SCL-AL00, Honor 4A SCL-TL00, Honor 4A SCL-TL00H, Honor 4A SCL-TL00H TD-LTE Dual SIM, Honor 4A, SCL-CL00 TD-LTE Dual SIM, Honor 4A, SCL-L03, Honor 4C, Honor 4C CHM-U01, Honor 4C Play (CHM-U01), Honor 4C pro, Honor 4X, Honor 4X (Che2-TL00H), Honor 4X Che2 L11, Honor 4X Play CHE2-UL00 4G TD-LTE, Honor 4X TD-LTE Dual SIM, CHE1-CL10, Honor 4X TD-LTE Dual SIM, CHE1-CL20, Honor 4x, CHE-TL00, Honor 4x, CHE-TL00H, Honor 4x, CHE2-L12, Honor 4x, CHE2-L23, Honor 5A (Y6ii CAM-L32), Honor 5A (Y6ii), Honor 5A, CAM-TL00H, Honor 5C Dual SIM (NEM-AL10), Honor 5C Dual SIM (NEM-L22), Honor 5C Dual SIM (NEM-L51), Honor 5X, Honor 5X (KIW-AL10), Honor 5X LTE Dual SIM KIW-L24, Honor 5X TD-LTE Dual SIM, KIW-AL10, Honor 5X TD-LTE Dual SIM, KIW-TL00, Honor 5X TD-LTE Dual SIM, KIW-TL00H, Honor 5X TD-LTE Dual SIM, KIW-UL00, Honor 5X, GR5, Honor 5X, GR5 (KII-L21), Honor 5X, KIW-CL00, Honor 6, Honor 6 Dual SIM 4G FDD LTE, Honor 6 H60-L04, Magnolia, Honor 6 Plus, Honor 6 Plus Dual SIM (PE-TL20), Honor 6 Plus PE-TL10 Dual SIM TD-LTE, Honor 6 Pro, C8817D, Honor 6X (BLN-AL10), Honor 7, Honor 7 (PLK-L01), Dual Sim LTE, Honor 7 Dual SIM, PLK-TL00H, Honor 7 Standard Edition Dual SIM TD-LTE, PLK-TL01H, Honor 7 Standard Edition Dual SIM, PLK-CL00, Honor 7 Standard Edition Dual SIM, PLK-TL00, Honor 7, PLK-AL10, Honor 7, PLK-L02, Honor 7, PLK-UL00, Honor 7i Standard Edition Dual SIM TD-LTE, ATH-CL00, Honor 7i Standard Edition Dual SIM, ATH-TL00H, Honor 8 Dual SIM (FRD-L09), Honor 8 Dual SIM (FRD-L19), Honor 8 Standard Edition Dual SIM (FRD-AL00), Honor Bee, Y5, Honor BLN-TL00, Honor Holly (Hol-U19), Honor Holly Hol-U19, Honor KIW-AL20, Honor NEM-UL10, Honor Play4 4G LTE Dual Sim G620S-UL00, Honor Small K (K1-G05), Honor Spree 4X, HONOR U8860, U8860 , Honor V8 Dual SIM (KNT-AL20), Honor V8 Dual SIM (KNT-CL10), Honor V8 Dual SIM (KNT-TL10), Honor V8 Dual SIM (KNT-UL10), Honor V8 KNT-AL10, Honor X1, Media Pad X1 7.0, 7D-501u, Honor Y6 SCC-L21, Honor (Huawei T8950 / C8950D), C8950D C600, Honor T8950, HW-01F, HW-02C, HW-02E, HW-02G, HW001, HW001S, HW002, HW002S, HWD11, HWD12, HWD12, HWD15, HWD31, HWD32, HWD33, HWD34, i818, Ideos S7, IDEOS S7 Pro tablet, S7-301U, Media Pad S7, IDEOS S7 SLIM S7-201U, IDEOS S7 SLIM S7-202U, IDEOS U8500, IDEOS, S31HW, Iris, y530-u00 Ascend Y530, K1, HW-H60-J1, K2540, K3520, K3520 E169 / VF Mobile Connect USB Stick, K3715, K3765, K3765, K3765-Z, K3765-Z ABCD (SFR), K3772, Vodafone, K3773, K3805, K3806 Vodafone USB modem, K3806, K3806-Z (Vodafone), K4203I, K4203I-2, K4305, K4505, K4510, K4511, KAVAK LTE Y635-L43, Kidsphone HW-01D, NTT Do Co Mo HW-01D, Fusion 2 U8665, LB1, LTE CPE B593, B593S-936, M100-CL00, M100-CL10, M100-TL00, M100-UL00, M100-UL10, M2 10.0, M200-L09, M200-TL00, M200-UL00, M620, TV BOX TB 01, M932, Maimang 5 Dual SIM (MLA-AL10), Mate 8 Dual SIM (NXT-L29), Mate 8 Dual SIM TD-LTE 64GB NXT-AL10, Mate 8 Dual SIM, NXT-AL10, Mate 8, MU809TU-8, Mate 9 Dual SIM (MHA-L09), Mate 9 Dual SIM (MHA-L29), Mate S, MATE1-0282, 1-U06, ASCEND MATE, MATE1, MC609T, ME206, ME206V-561, ME209U-526D, ME903J, ME903V, ME906C, ME906E, ME906J, ME906S, ME906V, ME909, ME909AU-821, ME909S-120, ME909TU-565, ME909TU-820, ME909TU-820 Mini PCIe, ME909U-521, ME909U-523, ME909U-523D, ME936, Media Pad 10 FHD 3G 8 GB (S10-101L), Media Pad 10 FHD 3G 8 GB (S10-101u), Media Pad 10 FHD S10-102L, Media Pad 10 FHD S10-103L, MEDIAPAD 10 FHD, S10-102U, Media Pad 10 Link , MEDIAPAD 10 LINK , S10-232L, MEDIAPAD 10 LINK , S10-233L, Media Pad 7 Lite II, MEDIAPAD 7 VOGUE, S7-601, MEDIAPAD 7 VOGUE, S7-601UE, Media Pad 7 Youth 2, MEDIAPAD 7 YOUTH 2, S7-721G, Media Pad 7 Youth 2, S7-721UA, MEDIAPAD 7 YOUTH 2, S7-722U, Media Pad 7youth 3G, E352, E352AS, Media Pad M1 8.0 S8-303LT, Media Pad M1 8.0, 504HW, Media Pad M1 8.0, S8-301L, Media Pad M1 8.0, S8-301U, Media Pad M1 8.0, S8-302L, Media Pad M1 8.0, S8-303L, Media Pad M1 8.0, S8-304L, Media Pad M1 8.0, S8-304LD, Media Pad M1 8.0, S8-306L, Media Pad M2, M2-A04L, MEDIAPAD M2-A04L, Media Pad S7-302U, Media Pad S7-303U, Media Pad T1 10" LTE, Media Pad T1 10, T1-A21U, Media Pad T1 10, T1-A23L, Media Pad T1 10.0 LTE, T1-A21L, Media Pad T1 7.0, Media Pad T1 8.0, S8-701U, Media Pad T1 8.0, S8-702U, Media Pad T1 8.0, S8-702UJ, Media Pad T1 8.0, T1-701U, Media Pad T1 8.0, T1-702U, MEDIAPAD T2 10, Media Pad T2 10.0 Pro, MEDIAPAD X1 7.0, Media Pad X1 7.0 3G, MEDIAPAD X1 7.0, 7D-503L, Media Pad X1 7.0, 7D-504L, Media Pad X2, Media Pad X2 GEM-702L, MEDIAPAD, IDEOS S7 PRO, MF312A, MF627, MG323, MG323-B, MG323, ML801, MLA-CL00, MLA-TL00, MLA-UL00, Mmc255t, MMC297u, MOBILE WIFI E5373, E5373S-928, Mozart, MS2131I-8, C 822FT, E3276s-210, C 965, S 965, MU103, MU203, MU509, MU509 3G/HSDPA LGA Module, MU509 module, MU609, MU609-D, MU609T, MU709, MU709S-2, MU709S-2 HSPA Module Mini-PCIe, MU709S-6, MU733, MU736, MU739, NCE-AL00, Nexus 6P A1 TD-LTE, H1511, Nexus 6P A2 TD-LTE 128GB H1512, NICE-CL00, NICE-TL00, NMO-L21, NMO-L22, NMO-L23, NMO-L31, Nova (CAN-L01), Nova (NCE-L01), nova Plus Dual SIM (Maimang 5, MLA-L11), nova Plus Dual SIM (MLA-L12), nova Plus Dual SIM (MLA-L13), nova Plus LTE (MLA-L03), NXT-CL00, NXT-DL00, NXT-L09, NXT-TL00, OKTA Uno, OPH R662, ORINOQUIA U5120, P10 (LON-L09), P10 (LON-L29), P8, P8 ALE-L02, P8 Lite Dual SIM, P8 Lite Dual SIM, ALE-L02, P8 Lite Dual SIM, ALE-L21, P8 Lite Dual SIM, ALE-UL00, P8 Lite, ALE-TL00 Dual SIM, P8, GRA-L09, M100-L09, P8, S220, ALE-CL00, P8max, P9, P9 Dual SIM (EVA-L09), P9 Dual SIM (EVA-L19), P9 Dual SIM (EVA-L29), P9 lite (VNS-L21), P9 lite (VNS-L22), P9 lite (VNS-L31), P9 Lite (VNS-L53), P9 lite Dual SIM LTE (VNS-L23), P9 Plus Dual SIM, P9 Plus Dual SIM VIE-L29, P9 Premium Edition, Panama CU or G7210, VM720, PELE, Photopanel 03, Pocket Wi Fi Soft Bank 301HW, PP04, PRA-AL00, Praga (PRA-LX1), Premia 4G M931, PYONGYANG1202, Q1-218H, i NQ Chat 3G, U9120, QIS CHC-U03, R205, R206 3G mobile router, R210, R660, R661, R950e, R951, R960, Raven Che-A1 H892L, Rio, RIO-AL00, RIO-CL00, S10-201L, S10-201u, Mediapad 10 Link 3G, S10-202u, Mediapad 10 Link 3G, S10-231L, S5500, S5800, S6510, S7-104 Tablet PC, Android 2.2, S7-201WVER. Celular Iphone 4S Chino NUEVO, Touch Screen 3.2 Pulgadas,Doble Sim card, Doble Camara, Flash Lth, TV,MP3, MP4, Bluetooth, Java.

IPhone 6 China Mobile/A1589 16, 64, 128 GB* Specs 975, One Touch 5040X View, One Touch 506A, OT-506, OT-506a, One Touch 506D, One Touch 506X, One Touch 516D, One Touch 517D, One Touch 520D, One Touch 526, ONE TOUCH 535, One Touch 536, One Touch 565, One Touch 565 & One Touc, One Touch 565A, One Touch 565K, One Touch 568D, One Touch 585, OT-585D Tribe, OT-585, One Touch 585, OT-585D, OT-585, One Touch 585a, ONE TOUCH 6010A, One Touch 6015D, One Touch 6015X, One Touch 602, One Touch 602A, One Touch 602D, One Touch 6030A, One Touch 6030D, OT-6030D, One Touch 6032X, OT-6032X, ONE TOUCH 6033A, One Touch 6033M, OT-6033M, One Touch 6033x, OT-6033x, One Touch 6040X Idol X, One Touch 6041D, One Touch 6041H, One Touch 6044T, One Touch 606, OT-606 Chat, One Touch 606, OT-606A, One Touch 608, ONE TOUCH 608A, ONE TOUCH 632, One Touch 632D, ONE TOUCH 632G, ONE TOUCH 639D, ONE TOUCH 639G, One Touch 639G, OT 639G, One Touch 665, One Touch 665A, One Touch 665A, One Touch 665, OT-665, One Touch 668, OT-668, One Touch 668A, One Touch 678, One Touch 678G, ONE TOUCH 679G, One Touch 685A, One Touch 685D, One Touch 690, ONE TOUCH 700 (SANS WAP), One Touch 700/701, One Touch 7024W, One Touch Fierce (T-Mobile), One Touch 7025A, One Touch 7025E, One Touch 7025X, One Touch Snap 7025D, One Touch 7030Y, One Touch 7040T, OT-7040T, Idol 2 mini, One Touch 7041X, One Touch 7046T, One Touch 7049X, One Touch 706A, One Touch 720, OT-720, ONE TOUCH 735, One Touch 735i, One Touch 756, One Touch 768, OT-768, ONE TOUCH 768M, One Touch 768T, One Touch 768T, OT-768t for Metro PCS, T-Mobile, One Touch 799A, One Touch 800, One Touch 8000a, OT-8000a, One Touch 8000E, One Touch 8008A, OT-8008A, One Touch 8008D, OT-8008D, One Touch 8008W , OT-8008W, One Touch 803A, One Touch 803D, One Touch 803F, One Touch 806A, One Touch 807, One Touch 807D, One Touch 807A, One Touch 807D, One Touch 809X, One Touch 810, One Touch 810A, One Touch 810D, One Touch 813, One Touch 813F, One Touch 813FA, One Touch 815, One Touch 815D, One Touch 818, One Touch 818a, One Touch 818D, One Touch 819 Soul, One Touch 819x, One Touch 819a, One Touch 819d, One Touch 819 Soul, One Touch 828, One Touch 828A, One Touch 838, OT-838, One Touch 838A, One Touch 858A, ONE TOUCH 858X, One Touch 870A, One Touch 871S, ONE TOUCH 875, One Touch 875A, One Touch 875t, One Touch 888, One Touch 888A, One Touch 888D 2 SIM, One Touch 890, One Touch 891, One Touch 900, One Touch 900A, One Touch 900B, One Touch 900C, One Touch 900D, One Touch 900M, One Touch 900S, OT-901s, One Touch 901N, One Touch 902, OT-902, One Touch 902A, One Touch 902S, One Touch 903, OT-903d, One Touch 903K, One Touch 903X, OT-903X, OT-903d, One Touch 905, One Touch 905 D, One Touch 905A, One Touch 905C, One Touch 905M, One Touch 906, OT-906, One Touch 906Y, One Touch 908A, One Touch 908B, One Touch 908F, One Touch 908FA, One Touch 908FS, One Touch 908S, One Touch 909, One Touch 909A, One Touch 909M, One Touch 909S, One Touch 910, ONE TOUCH 910A, One Touch 912, One Touch 913D, One Touch 913K, One Touch 913N, One Touch 914A, One Touch 914M, One Touch 914S, One Touch 915, One Touch 918, OT-918x, ONE TOUCH 918A, One Touch 918D, ONE TOUCH 918M, One Touch 918S, One Touch 922, OT-922, One Touch 927D, ONE TOUCH 927N, ONE TOUCH 930N, ONE TOUCH 979, One Touch 981, One Touch 983, OT-983, One Touch 985, OT-985, One Touch 985A, One Touch 985D, OT-985D, One Touch 985S, ONE TOUCH 986, One Touch 986 / AK47 / OT 986 / OT-986, One Touch 986A, One Touch 986S, ONE TOUCH 989, One Touch 990A, One Touch 990B, One Touch 990S, One Touch 991A, One Touch 991D, OT-991, One Touch 991S, One Touch 992D, OT-992D, One Touch 993A, One Touch 993D, OT-993, One Touch 993N, One Touch 995, ONE TOUCH 995A, ONE TOUCH 995S, ONE TOUCH 996, One Touch 997A, One Touch 997D, OT-997D, ONE TOUCH 998, One Touch A382G, One Touch A392G, OT-A392G, One Touch C560, One Touch C630 C635, One Touch Club, One Touch Club D, One Touch Club , One Touch Com Ty, One Touch CP100, CP-100, ONE TOUCH D668, One Touch E101, One Touch E101a, One Touch E158a, One Touch E200, One Touch E230, One Touch E280, One Touch Easy, One Touch Easy 0, One Touch Easy D, One Touch Easy DB, One Touch Easy H, One Touch Evolve / 5020T / OT-5020T, One Touch Evolve 2 4037T, One Touch Evolve 2, 4037N, One Touch Evolve 3G, One Touch 5020n, OT-5020n, One Touch Evolve 5020T, One Touch 5020N, One Touch Fierce (T-Mobile), OT-7024n, 7024w, One Touch Fierce 2, 7040T, One Touch Fierce 4G, One Touch 7024a, One Touch Fierce 4G, One Touch 7024W, One Touch Fire C, One Touch Fire C 2G, 4020A, One Touch Fire C 4019M, One Touch Fire C 4019X, ONE TOUCH FIRE E, 6015X, ONE TOUCH FIRE S, 6038X, ONE TOUCH FIRE S, 6038Y, ONE TOUCH FLASH DUAL, 6042D, One Touch Glory 2 4030E, OT-4030E, One Touch Glory 2S Pro, One Touch Glory 2S Pro , OT-4011A, One Touch 4011A, One Touch Glory 2S Pro , OT-4011E, One Touch 4011E, One Touch Glory 2S, OT-4010A, One Touch GUM DB, One Touch Hero 2 OT-8030B LTE-A, 8030B, ONE TOUCH HERO 2, 8030Y, One Touch Hero 2C, 7055A, One Touch Hero 2C, 7055w, One Touch Hero 8020X, OT-5036, One Touch Hero, One Touch 8020D, ONE TOUCH HERO, ONE TOUCH 8020Y, One Touch Idol 2 Dual 6037A, One Touch Idol 2 Dual 6037D, One Touch Idol 2 Dual 6037E, One Touch Idol 2 Mini Dual SIM: 6016D, 6016E, ONE TOUCH IDOL 2 MINI L, 6014A, One Touch Idol 2 mini L, 6014D, One Touch Idol 2 mini L, 6014X, One Touch Idol 2 Mini, Single SIM: 6016A, One Touch Idol 2 Mini, Single SIM: 6016A, 6016X, ONE TOUCH IDOL 2, 6037I, One Touch Idol 2, OT-6037Y, One Touch Idol 2S, 6050A, ONE TOUCH IDOL 2S, 6050F, ONE TOUCH IDOL 2S, 6050T, ONE TOUCH IDOL 2S, ONE TOUCH 6050Y, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6039A, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6039J, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6039K, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6039W, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6039Y, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6045B, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6045I, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6045K, One Touch Idol 3 (4.7), 6045Y, One Touch Idol 3 (5.5), 6045G, One Touch Idol 3 60145Y, ONE TOUCH IDOL 3 LITE, One Touch Idol 3C, ONE TOUCH IDOL 4 6055B, ONE TOUCH IDOL 4S 6070O, ONE TOUCH IDOL 4S 6070Y, One Touch Idol 6030A, One Touch Idol 6030N, One Touch Idol 6030X, ONE TOUCH IDOL 8, D820X, ONE TOUCH IDOL MINI 2 S, One Touch Idol mini 6012A, OT-6012A, One Touch Idol S 6035R, S978, ONE TOUCH IDOL S, ONE TOUCH 6034R, One Touch Idol X 6040D (Dual Sim), One Touch Idol X (6043A), ONE TOUCH IDOL X, ONE TOUCH 6040E, One Touch Idol X, OT-6040, OT-6040A, OT-6040D, OT-6040E, ONE TOUCH IDOL X2, 6070K, ONE TOUCH IDOL X2, 6070Y, ONE TOUCH IDOL X2, 6071K, ONE TOUCH IDOL X2, 6071Y, One Touch J320, One Touch J320, OT-J320, ONE TOUCH J636D , One Touch L100, ONE TOUCH L100B, ONE TOUCH L100G, ONE TOUCH L100I, ONE TOUCH L850V, One Touch M Pop One Touch 5020, OT-5020, OT-5020a, OT-5020D, OT-5020E, OT-5020W, One Touch M Pop One Touch 5020e, OT-5020, OT-5020e, One Touch M600Q 3G module for One Touch Evo 7 HD, One Touch M601Q, ONE TOUCH M70Q, ONE TOUCH M70Y, One Touch M800O, One Touch M800V, ONE TOUCH M801O, ONE TOUCH M801V, One Touch Max, One Touch NEVA 90, One Touch OT-355D Chrome White, One Touch OT-918N Glory X, One Touch OT-M601Y, One Touch OT871A, ONE TOUCH P301C, One Touch P320A, ONE TOUCH PIXI 3, One Touch PIXI 3 (3.5) 4009E, One Touch PIXI 3 (3.5) 4009i, One Touch Pixi 3 (3.5), 4023A, One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013D, ONE TOUCH PIXI 3 (4) Relook, One Touch PIXI 3 (4.5), One Touch Pixi 3 (4.5) 3G, 4027A,4028A, One Touch Pixi 3 (4.5) 3G, 4027D, One Touch Pixi 3 (4.5) 3G, 4027N, One Touch Pixi 3 (4.5) 3G, 4027X, One Touch PIXI 3 (4.5) 5017D, One Touch Pixi 3 (4.5) 5017G, One Touch PIXI 3 (4.5) 5017X, One Touch PIXI 3 (5), One Touch Pixi 3 (7), One Touch Pixi 4 6, One Touch Pixi 4 6 (OT-4034F), One Touch Pixi 4 6 (OT-5045Y), One Touch Pixi 4 7, ONE TOUCH PIXI 4 PLUS POWER, ONE TOUCH PIXI 4 PLUS POWER (OT-5023D), ONE TOUCH PIXI 4 PLUS POWER (OT-5023X), One Touch Pixi 4007D, OT-4007D, One Touch Pixi First 4024D, One Touch Pixi First 4024K, One Touch Pixi First 4024X, One Touch Pixi, 4007A, One Touch Pixi, 4007X, One Touch Pixi, OT-4007D, 4007E, One Touch Pixi 4007D, One Touch Pixi, OT-4007X, One Touch Pixi, OT-4015D, One Touch Pixi4 (4) 4007D, OT-4007D, One Touch Pocket, ONE TOUCH POP 10, P360X, ONE TOUCH POP 2 (4), 4045E, ONE TOUCH POP 2 (4), 4045X, ONE TOUCH POP 2 (4), A520L, One Touch POP 2 (4.5), One Touch Pop 2 (4.5) Dual SIM, One Touch 5042D, One Touch Pop 2 (5) Premium (7044A, 7044Y), ONE TOUCH POP 2 (5), 7044Y, One Touch Pop 2 4.A, One Touch POP 2 5.A, One Touch Pop 4 (10), One Touch Pop 4 , ONE TOUCH POP 4S, One touch POP 7, 7040N, One touch Pop 7, 7040T, One touch POP 7, 7040T, 7040N, 7040R, One Touch Pop 7, OT-P310A, One Touch P310A, One Touch Pop 7S, P330A, One Touch Pop 7S, P330X, One Touch Pop 8, One Touch POP C1 4015A,4016A, One Touch POP C1 4016A, One Touch POP C1 OT-4016A, One Touch POP C1, One Touch 4015n, ONE TOUCH POP C1, ONE TOUCH PIXI2, ONE TOUCH POP C1, ONE TOUCH PIXI2, 4015D, 4014D, ONE TOUCH POP C1, ONE TOUCH PIXI2, 4015X, 4016X, One Touch POP C2, 4032D, ONE TOUCH POP C2, ONE TOUCH POP C3, 4032X, 4033L, One Touch Pop C3, 4033A, One Touch Pop C3, 4033A, 4033D, 4033E, ONE TOUCH POP C3, 4033E, One Touch Pop C3, 4033X, MS3B, ONE TOUCH POP C3, ONE TOUCH 4033E, One Touch POP C5, One Touch Pop C5 Dual SIM, 5036D, One Touch Pop C5 Dual SIM, One Touch 5036D, One Touch Pop C5 Dual SIM, One Touch 5036D, OT-5036D, One Touch Pop C5 TV 5036A, One Touch Pop C5 TV 5036F, ONE TOUCH POP C5, ONE TOUCH 5037E, ONE TOUCH POP C5, ONE TOUCH 5037X, ONE TOUCH POP C7, One Touch Pop C7 (7040, 7041), One Touch Pop C7 (7040A), One Touch Pop C7 (7040F), One Touch POP C7, 4032A, ONE TOUCH POP C7, 7040E, ONE TOUCH POP C7, 7040K, ONE TOUCH POP C7, 7042A, One Touch POP C7, OT-4032D, One Touch 4032D, One Touch Pop C9, One Touch Pop C9, 7047A, One Touch Pop C9, 7047D, One Touch Pop C9, 7047E, One Touch Pop C9, 7047X, One Touch Pop D1, 4018D, One Touch Pop D1, 4018E, One Touch Pop D1, 4018X, One Touch Pop D1, OT-4018, 4018A, One Touch Pop D1, OT-4018, 4018A, 4118A, One Touch Pop D3, One Touch Pop D3, 3 (5.5), One Touch Pop D3, 4035Y, One Touch Pop D3, 4037A, One Touch Pop D3, 4037X, One Touch Pop D5, 5038A, One Touch Pop D5, 5038D, One Touch Pop D5, 5038E, One Touch Pop D5, 5038X, One Touch Pop Fit 4002X, 4002A, ONE TOUCH POP M5, 5042X, ONE TOUCH POP M5, 5042Y, One Touch Pop S3 5050A, ONE TOUCH POP S3 5050S, 5050S, ONE TOUCH POP S7, 7045Y, ONE TOUCH POP S9, 7050W, One Touch POP S9, OT-7050Y, One Touch 7050Y, One Touch Pop Star (4G), 5070D, One Touch Pop Star 2, A521L, One Touch Pop Star 3G, 5022D, One Touch Pop Star 3G, 5022X, One Touch Pop Star, 5070T, One Touch Pop Star, 5070X, One Touch Pop Star, A845L, ONE TOUCH POP UP 2, One Touch Pop Up 6044D, ONE TOUCH POP2 (4), 4045X, ONE TOUCH POP2(4), 4045D, ONE TOUCH POP2(4), 4045E, ONE TOUCH POP2(5), 7043K, ONE TOUCH POP2(5), 7043Y, ONE TOUCH POP2(5), A846L, One Touch Pro, One Touch S107, One Touch S920, One Touch Scribe Easy 8000D, OT-8000D, ONE TOUCH SCRIBE EASY, ONE TOUCH 8000X, ONE TOUCH SCRIBE HD, ONE TOUCH 8008X, One Touch Snap, One Touch 7025D, One Touch SPop 4030D, One Touch Star (6010D), OT-6010D, One Touch Star (6010X), One Touch T50, One Touch T60, ONE TOUCH T60, OT-T60, One Touch Tab 7.0 HD, OT-P310X, One Touch Pop 7, One Touch Tribe 3041 / 3041D, ONE TOUCH TRIBE 839G, one touch V4 OT-318, One Touch V670, One Touch View, One Touch View 0, One Touch View D, One Touch View DB, One Touch View S, One Touch VR7, ONE TOUCH W800B, ONE TOUCH W800DG, W800DG, ONE TOUCH W800N, ONE TOUCH W800Z, One Touch X Pop, One Touch 5035E, OT-5035D, OT-5035E, OT-5035Y, One Touch X010, One Touch X020, One Touch X030, One Touch X050, One Touch X050 USB Modem, One Touch X060, One Touch X060A, One Touch X070L, One Touch X070M, One Touch X070S, One Touch X080A, One Touch X080D, One Touch X080E, One Touch X080L, One Touch x080s, One Touch X090M, One Touch X090S, TCTmobile ot-x090s-28msua1, One Touch X090S-3G ONLY, One Touch X095S, One Touch X100, One Touch X200d, One Touch X200s, One Touch X210, One Touch X210D, One Touch X210L, One Touch X210S, One Touch X215S, One Touch X220D, One Touch X220E, One Touch X220F, OT-X220F, One Touch X220L, One Touch X220S, One Touch X220X, One Touch X220Y, ONE TOUCH X221F, One Touch X221L, One Touch X221S, One Touch X225L, One Touch X228L, One Touch X230D, One Touch X230E, ONE TOUCH X230H, One Touch X230L, One Touch X230M, One Touch X230S, ONE TOUCH X230X, One Touch X230Y, ONE TOUCH X231H, ONE TOUCH X231L, ONE TOUCH X231S, ONE TOUCH X231X, ONE TOUCH X300M, ONE TOUCH X300R, ONE TOUCH X300V, One Touch X310E 3G modem, One Touch X500D, One Touch X500E, One Touch X500F, One Touch X500M, One Touch X500Q, One Touch X500T USB modem, OT-5050, One Touch X500U, ONE TOUCH X500W, One Touch X500Y, ONE TOUCH X515D, ONE TOUCH X515E, ONE TOUCH X515Q, ONE TOUCH X515Y, One Touch X520D, ONE TOUCH X520E, ONE TOUCH X520M, ONE TOUCH X520Q, ONE TOUCH X520U, ONE TOUCH X520V, ONE TOUCH X520Y, ONE TOUCH X600D, One Touch X600D USB modem, ONE TOUCH X600E, One Touch X600M, ONE TOUCH X600Q, ONE TOUCH X600Y, ONE TOUCH X602A, ONE TOUCH X602D, ONE TOUCH X602E, ONE TOUCH X602M, ONE TOUCH X715D, ONE TOUCH X715D, OT-X715D, ONE TOUCH X715E, ONE TOUCH X715Q, ONE TOUCH X715R, One Touch X715Y, One Touch xxx, One Touch Y200, One Touch Y280E, One Touch Y580D, One Touch Y580E, ONE TOUCH Y580J, One Touch Y580Q, ONE TOUCH Y580T, One Touch Y580Y, ONE TOUCH Y800B, ONE TOUCH Y800MA, ONE TOUCH Y800N, One Touch Y800Z router, ONE TOUCH Y850O0, One Touch Y855, OT-Y855, Smart Link, One Touch 1051D, OT-1051D, One Touch 3042, OT-3042G, One Touch 4G Car Wifi, One Touch 802, One Touch 985, OT-985n, ONETOUCH GO PLAY, ONETOUCH HOME F102, ONETOUCH HOME F103X, ONETOUCH IDOL 2S, 6050W, One Touch Idol Mini (6012X), OT-6012D, One Touch Pixi 3 (3.5) 4009A, One Touch Pixi 3 (3.5) 4009F, One Touch Pixi 3 (4), One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013a, One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013D, One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013E, One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013K, 4013J, One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013m, One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013T, One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013X, One Touch Pixi 3 (5), 5065A, One Touch Pixi 3 (5), 5065D, One Touch Pixi 3 (5), 5065J, One Touch Pixi 3 (5), 5065X, One Touch Pixi 3 (5.5) 4G, One Touch Pixi 3 (7), One Touch Pop 2 (4.5), 5042A, One Touch Pop 2 (4.5), 5042E, One Touch Pop 2 (4.5), 5042T, One Touch Pop 2 (4.5), 5042T, 5042N, One Touch Pop 2 (4.5), 5042w, One Touch Pop 2 (5), 7043E, ONETOUCH POP S7 7045Y, One Touch Tribe 3041, OT-3041G, One Touch Y850 vo, OT 153, OT 227, OT 296, OT 3035A, OT 327, OT 355a, OT 536, OT 556, OT 557, OT-557a, OT 652a, OT 665, OT 757, OT 810, OT 813, OT 818D, OT 819D, OT 888D, OT 891, OT 908M, OT 909M, OT 918, OT 919, OT 976, OT 979, OT 979 , OT 985, OT 986 , OT 990M, OT 995, OT C550, OT C550a, OT C552a, OT C701, OT C701a, OT C825, OT Club, OT Club db, OT Club , OT COM, OT E159, OT E201, OT E207, OT E259, OT E259, OT-E257, OT Easy, OT Easy db, OT Gum DB, OT M, OT M db, OT Max, OT Max DB, OT Pocket, OT T50, OT T60, OT View, OT View db, OT View DB @, OT View SFR, OT X080S, OT X100, OT X230E, OT X300D USB MODEM, OT X516D, OT X516M, OT- F331 / Vodafone 331, OT-102, OT-102A, OT-103, OT-1030, OT-1035D, OT-103A, OT-1040X, OT-1046, OT-105, OT-105, One Touch 105, OT-105A, OT-106, OT-1063, One Touch 1063, OT-1063, One Touch 1063, Bic Phone V5, OT-109, OT-111, OT-112, OT-122, S BY SFR 122, OT-153, 510, OT-155a, OT-156, OT-161, OT-2005X (One Touch 2005X), OT-2010X, OT-2010x by sfr c1, OT-202, OT-202A, OT-203, OT-203a, OT-203E, OT-204, OT-203EX, OT-2050D, One Touch 2050G, OT-206, OT-206A, OT-208, OT-208A, OT-209, One Touch 209, OT-209A, OT-213x, OT-216, OT-216A, OT-217/OT-217D, OT-217a, OT-222, OT-222A, OT-223, OT-252A, OT-255, OT-256, VF350 Messaging, OT-255A, OT-255D, OT-296, OT-296a, OT-300, OT-301, OT-303, OT-303A, OT-305, OT-305x, OT-3056A, OT-305A, OT-3074M, OT-311, OT-315, OT-315m, OT-317D, ONE TOUCH 317D, OT-331, 311, OT-332, OT-332a, OT-355, OT-355a, OT-355D, OT-355x, OT-360A, OT-363, OT-363A, OT-380, OT-380x, OT-380A, OT-383, OT-383A, OT-385, One Touch 385JA, OT-455, Vodafone 455, OT-5021, OT-5020D, OT-505, OT-505x, OT-505K, OT-510a, OT510A, OT-511, OT-512, OT-525, OT-535, OT-556, OT-557, OT-595, ONE TOUCH 595, OT-595, ONE TOUCH 595D, OT-600A; : OT-605, ONE TOUCH 605, OT-605, ONE TOUCH 605D, OT-606 One Touch CHAT, OT-606A, OT-606, OT-606A, OT-612C, OT-655W Vodafone Chat, OT-660, OT-660X, OT-665, OT-665a, OT-7030L, OT-706, OT-708, OT-708 One Touch 708x, OT-708x, OT-708 touch, OT-710, OT-710A, OT-710D, OT-710D Dual Carbon, OT-715, OT-720, OT 720, OT-720D Dual SIM, OT-735, OT-756, OT-767, OT-767A, OT-799, OT-800 One Touch, CE 1588, OT-800A, OT-802, OT-803, OT-806, OT-806D, OT-807a, OT-808a, OT-808G, OT-808x, OT-813A, OT-813D, OT-813F, ONE TOUCH 813DF, OT-835, One Touch 835, OT-870, ONE TOUCH 870X, OT-871, OT-871A AT&T, One Touch 871a, OT-880 Carbon, OT-880 One Touch XTRA, OT-880A, OT-890D 2 SIM, OT-902, ONE TOUCH 902D, OT-903 / 903D, OT-906, OT-908, OT-908F, ONE TOUCH 908FM, OT-909, OT-909A, OT-916, ONE TOUCH 916, OT-916, ONE TOUCH 916D, OT-916, ONE TOUCH 916N, OT-918D, ONE TOUCH 918D, OT-927N, OT-927, OT-978, ONE TOUCH 978, OT-978, OT 978, OT-980, OT-980A, OT-983, ONE TOUCH 983M, OT-990, OT-990X, OT-991, One Touch 991, OT-991, One Touch 991n, OT-991T, OT-992, ONE TOUCH 992, OT-993, ONE TOUCH 993, OT-996, OT-997, ONE TOUCH 997, OT-a392a, OT-C123, OT-C550, OT-C551 and OT-C552, OT-C551a, OT-C555 and A342i, OT-C560a, OT-C630, OT-C630a, OT-C651 (TH3 Series), OT-C656, OT-C700A, OT-C701, OT-C701A, OT-C707, OT-C707a, OT-C717, OT-C717 (Alcatel One Touch C717), OT-C717A, OT-C750, OT-C750a, OT-C755, OT-C755a, OT-C758, OT-C820, OT-C825a, OT-C850, OT-C850a, OT-E100, OT-E101a, OT-E107, OT-E107a, OT-E157, OT-E157 and OT-E158, OT-E157, OT-E157a, OT-E157a, OT-E158, OT-E158a, OT-E159 and OT-E160, OT-E159, OT-E160, OT-E160a, OT-E161, OT-E200a, OT-E201a, OT-E205, OT-E205a, OT-E206A, OT-E207, OT-E207a, OT-E220, OT-E220a, OT-E221A, OT-E225, OT-E225a, OT-E227A, OT-E230a, OT-E251a, OT-E252, OT-E252a, OT-E256, OT-E256 OT-E257 & OT-E2, OT-E256, OT-E256a, OT-E256, OT-E257, OT-E256a, OT-E257a, OT-E259, OT-E259a, OT-E260, OT-E260a, OT-E265, OT-E265a, OT-E801, OT-E801a, OT-E805a, OT-F101, OT-F101X, OT-F344x, S BY SFR 3440, OT-I650 Sport, OT-I650A, OT-M180, OT-S120, OT-S120A, OT-S121, OT-S121A, OT-S210, OT-S210A, OT-S211, OT-S211 / OT-S211A, OT-S215, OT-S215A, OT-S218, OT-S218A, OT-S235, OT-S319A, OT-S319X, OT-S320A, OT-S321, OT-S321A, OT-S330 A, OT-S331A, OT-S500, OT-S500A, OT-S501, OT-S501A, OT-S520, S520, OT S520, OT-S520A, OT-S521, OT-S521A, OT-S603, OT-S610, OT-S626, OT-S626A, OT-S659, OT-S679, OT-S680, OT-S683, OT-S686, OT-S688, OT-S692, OT-S693, OT-S696, OT-S698, OT-S823, OT-S830, OT-S850, OT-S851, OT-S852, OT-S853, OT-S853, One Touch S853, OT-S855, OT-S860, OT-S860a, OT-S988W, OT-T600, OT-T609, OT-V155, Vodafone 155, OT-V212, OT-V212A, OT-V270, OT-V270A, OT-V555, Vodafone 555, OT-V570, OT-V570A, OT-V575, Vodafone 575, OT-V607A, OT-V668A, OT-V770, OT-V770A, OT-V875, Vodafone 875, Smart mini, OT-V975n, Vodafone Smart 3, OT-W800O, ONE TOUCH W800O, OT-x200, OT-Y580E, OT-Y852CH, OT153, OT302, OT304, OT311, OT320, OT331, OT332, OT355, OT501, OT511/512, OT525, OT531, OT535, OT600, OT700, OT701, OT701, OT715, PIXI 3 (3.5), 4009M, PIXI 3 (3.5), 4022D, PIXI 3 (4), 4014X, PIXI 3 (4.5), 4028E, Pixi 3 (5) 3G OT-5015A, PIXI 3 4013D, PIXI 8, 9005X, PIXO 7, I216X, Playboy Phone, Playboy Phone E, Plus 10 LTE keyboard, POCKETLINE SWING, Pocketline Tango Type NP, POP 4 (10) 4G, POP 8S, P350X, POP C2, 4032E, POP Mirage, PROSUMER, Y854VB, S BY SFR 121, S BY SFR 3440, S by SFR 3441, S107, s621x, SFR 154 text edition, SFR 501, SFR Text Edition 153, OT-f153, Text 153g edition by SFR, Shine Lite, Shine Lite (5080X), STARXTREM BY SFR, ONE TOUCH POP S9, 7050Y, TCL 5120, TCL 5185, TCL M2U, TCL S820, GLORY 2S PRO, Text Edition 152 by SFR, OT-F152, TEXT EDITION 262 BY SFR, TOUCH4, Tribe 3000G, OT-3000G, V655, V670A, V860, Vodafone Smart 2, V860M, V861, VF345 Text, Vodafone 250, Vodafone 330 FM, Vodafone 354, Vodafone 355, Vodafone VN 2121, Y853VB, Y860OA, Y900NB, Y900VA; : AD520/AM508/AM512/AM518, AD620/AM505/AM511/AM960/AM968/AM189/AM521/AM931, AM107, AM317, EM130, AM211, AM202, AM203, AM205, AM209, AM206, AM213, AM215, AM216, AM217, AM218, AM220, AM208, AM103, AM508, AM516, AM225, AM226, AM227, AM228, AM229, AM241F, AM251, AM252, AM266; : AM268, AM269, AM28, AM29, AM33, AM55, AM56, AM86, AM88, AM89, AM99, AM100, AM29, AM85, AM89, AM298, AM521, AM301, AM302, AM303, AM305, AM306, AM311, AM312, AM313, AM315, AM316, AM402, AM531, AM525, AM516, AM352; : CA68, CA80, CMA8903, D89, Dual band GSM mobile pho, Dual band gsm mobile phone A5, Dual band gsm mobile phone A51, Dual band GSM mobile phone A658, Dual band gsm mobile phone E75, Dual band gsm mobile phone E76, Dual band gsm mobile phone F710, Dual band gsm mobile phone V870, Dual Mode GSM/WCDMA mobi, E600T, E78, E8, E820T TD, F200 , F203, F206, F320, F60, F620, F670, F700, F8, G710; : M30 Dual band gsm mobile pho, M307, M515, M530, M636, M639, M66 , M690, M930, MD-1, N50, N717, N808, N808 2SIM, N820 B V, N821 B V, N8i, New York, Orange Tokyo, S532, Sidekick, T301, U48/SONIDO J1, WMA8505, WMA8509, WMA8515, WMA8703, WMA8711, WMA9501, WMA9508, WP-S1, WP-S1 Skype, WP-S2 / Skypephone S2, WP-S3; : C1, C2, M5, M6, C3212, R803, S5610, X2, D1000, D2000, D3000, A83, L3000, Z6000, D5000, D6000, N73, A86, D550, X2401, X2416, X2417, E69I, E79, E89I, E99I, L1000, L6000, Z8000, Z9000, L300, L400, L700-T, W920, L600, Nokia S512, L800, L900, L2000, S118, M5, M6, M7, M8, M7, M8, M9, L600, M9 Dual Sim, R368, X6, S511, S512, Z5000, Z7000, S513, S518, S521, N77, S516, S517, S519, D805, S526, W360, W380, W510, W600; : 7310, 779 Dual SIM, D18, D118, D38 Dual SIM, D528, D218, D228 Dual SIM Card Phone, D58, D58 , D58, D28, D66 Dual Sim, D68, IT758, DS66n, F828 Dual SIM, F837, F838, GC666, GC666 , GC668, GC668 , GC669, GC669 , GC778, GC779 , GC889, i76, i89 (Dual SIM), I726, I736, I901, I929, I56, I959, S360, S320, i Phone (Fly-Ying) F030 GPS WIFI Secam TV, JC51, M 12, M9, DIPHONE K700, N67 - S88, N97 MINI, S 860, S 860 M, S 880, S24 Dual SIM, ST88, T318 Dual SIM, i57, T628, T628 , T628, M8, T718 Dual SIM, T728 / T72, T728 Dual SIM, T818, T818 Dual Sim Dual Standby TV Mobile Phone, T818 Dual Sim Dual Standby TV Mobile Phone, T808, T828, V520, T768, S520 , S510, V869 / i9 , C500, w269 , W720; : 110, 2005D, T611S, GT-E1500, P860, 2020, 110, 2005D, T611S, GT-E1500, 326G, MATE7 , M9 , IP6, IP6 , 526G mini, Y540, Y520, G3 mini, 526G MINI ,526G , A3, A5, G3, T535, G5510, BUTTERFLY 2, MATE7, GT-B209, C5219, D780, G730, G610, GT-E1200, GT-B209,220,225,2005D, GT-E1500, ASHA 105, E1282T, D500, 2005D, L800, L900, MINI 5219, B209, GT-E3309, M8, G3, M7, N3 MINI, N3, MATE 7 MINI , SGH-D780, MINI L900, MINI L800, MINI-M8, L8000, MATE7-MINI, S8, S7, MATE7, G3 MINI, M8 MINI, Y550, Y28, 526G, M9, M9 mini; : AC1495, AC2112, C1992, clone i Phone 4S 16GB Smartphone (MD377LL/A), i Pad (3rd generation) A1430, i Pad (3rd generation) A1430 Wi Fi 4G, i Pad (3rd generation) AJ0200 / A1430, i Pad (3rd Generation) Wi Fi 4G - Verizon, i Pad (4th generation) Wi Fi Cellular, i Pad (4th generation) Wi Fi Cellular A1459, i Pad (4th generation) Wi Fi Cellular, A1459, i Pad 2 (A1396), i Pad 2 MODEL A1396, i Pad 2 Wi-Fi 3G A1396, i Pad 2 Wi Fi 3G, i Pad 2 Wi Fi 3G MODEL A1396, i Pad 3 4G AJ0200 / A1430, i Pad 3G, i Pad 3G A1337, i Pad 3G TABLET A1337, i Pad 3rd Generation A1403, i Pad 3rd Generation Wi-Fi Cellular (Verizon), A1403, i Pad 3rd Generation Wi Fi 4G, A1430, i Pad 3rd Generation, A1430, i Pad 3rd, A1430, i Pad 4 A1459, i Pad Air 2 Cellular, i Pad Air 2 Cellular (A1567), i Pad Air 2 Wi-Fi Cellular with 3G/LTE, i Pad Air 2 Wi Fi, Cellular, i Pad Air 2, A1567, i Pad Air A1475, i Pad Air Cellular, i Pad Air Wi Fi Cell TD-LTE, i Pad mini, i Pad mini 2 (Retina/2nd Gen), A1490, i Pad Mini 2 TD-LTE A1491, i Pad mini 2, A1490, i Pad mini 3 (Wi-Fi/Cellular), A1600, i Pad mini 3 Wi-Fi, Cellular, i Pad mini 3, A1600, i Pad mini 3, A1601, i Pad mini 3, i Pad 3rd Generation A1403, i Pad mini 4 Wi Fi, i Pad Mini A1454, i Pad Mini A1490, i Pad mini Wi-Fi cellular A1454 64GB, i Pad mini Wi-Fi, Cellular, i Pad mini Wi Fi Cellular, i Pad mini Wi Fi Cellular A1455, i Pad mini Wi Fi Cellular A1460, i Pad Pro 12.9 Wi Fi (A1652), i Pad Pro 9.7 Wi Fi (A1674), i Pad Pro 9.7-inch A1675 TD-LTE, i Pad Pro Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad Pro Wi Fi, i Pad Wi-Fi 3G A1430, i Phone, i Phone (various) Prototype Equipment, i Phone 2G 8gb, i Phone 32gb, i Phone 3G, i Phone 3G 16Gb, i Phone 3G 16Gb A1241, i Phone 3G 8Gb, i Phone 3G hacked, i Phone 3G MB489ZA, i Phone 3G model MB489B, i Phone 3G model MB489ZP, i Phone 3GS, i Phone 3GS (A1303), i Phone 3Gs 16gb, i Phone 3GS 16Gb black, i Phone 3GS 16Gb MC131ZP, i Phone 3GS 16GB model MC178CH, i Phone 3Gs 32Gb, i Phone 3GS 32Gb model MC133RS, i Phone 3GS 32GB model MC134J, i Phone 3GS 8GB Part No. Apple iPhone 6 Please note that this A1589 iPhone 6 model -- which is compatible with TD-LTE bands 38, 39, 40, 41 as well as TD-SCDMA.

Iphone chino - YouTube Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM ( Tiene la pantalla estrellada y no le sirve el touch Modelo Na1221 FCC ID BCGA1211C ID 579C - A1221.

IPhone clone - reset to factory settings - MC637CH/A, i Phone 3GS A1303, i Phone 3Gs model MC133x, i Phone 3GS model MC134J/A, i Phone 3Gs Model MC637B, i Phone 4, i Phone 4 (8GB), i Phone 4 (MC319LL/A) 32Gb, i Phone 4 / A1241, i Phone 4 128cs/a, i Phone 4 16GB ( MC603ZP/A) Mac OS 10.5.8, i Tunes, i Phone 4 16GB MC318LL/A, i Phone 4 16GB MC603CH/A, i Phone 4 16GB MC603ZP, i Phone 4 32Gb, i Phone 4 A1332, i Phone 4 GSM 16 GB, i Phone 4 GSM A1332, i Phone 4 mc603zp, i Phone 4 MC605X/A, i Phone 4 Model A1332 16/32 GB, i Phone 4G, i Phone 4G 16gb, i Phone 4G 16GB MC603ZP/A, i Phone 4G 16GB MC605ZP, i Phone 4G 32gb, i Phone 4G 32Gb MC607Y, i Phone 4G 32GB serial mc605za/a, i Phone 4G A1332 32gb, i Phone 4G MC318LL, i Phone 4G MC603TA, i Phone 4G Model A1332, i Phone 4G model MC603B, i Phone 4G model MC605KH, i Phone 4Gs, i Phone 4S (A1387), i Phone 4S 16/32/64 GB, i Phone 4S 16G A1387, i Phone 4S 16GB, i Phone 4S 16GB A1332, i Phone 4S 16GB MC918LL/A, i Phone 4S 16GB MD237C/A, i Phone 4S 64GB, i Phone 4S 8GB A1332, i Phone 4S A1332, i Phone 4S A1387, i Phone 4S A1431, IPhone 4S Apple dual-core A5 chip, OS i OS 5, MD261TH/A, i Phone 5 (A1429), i Phone 5 (A1442), i Phone 5 A1428, i Phone 5 A1429, i Phone 5 MD297ZP, i Phone 5 MD298ZP, i Phone 5c, i Phone 5c A1456, i Phone 5c A1507, i Phone 5c A1516, i Phone 5c A1526, i Phone 5c A1529, i Phone 5c A1532, i Phone 5c AC2001, i Phone 5c AN0804, i Phone 5c AN0904, i Phone 5c BN0804, i Phone 5c CN0904, i Phone 5c EN0904, i Phone 5c GN0904, i Phone 5s, i Phone 5S (A1453), i Phone 5S (A1457), i Phone 5S (A1530), i Phone 5S (A1533), i Phone 5s A1453, i Phone 5s A1518, i Phone 5s A1528, i Phone 5s A1530, i Phone 5s A1533, i Phone 5s AC2000, i Phone 5s AC2001, i Phone 5s BN0105, i Phone 5s or 5c model CJ0207, i Phone 6, i Phone 6 (A1549), i Phone 6 (A1586), i Phone 6 128 GB, i Phone 6 A1586, i Phone 6 A1586, PT0305, i Phone 6 A1589, PT020, i Phone 6 A1589, PT1607, i Phone 6 A1589, PT1608, i Phone 6 Plus, i Phone 6 Plus (A1524), i Phone 6 Plus A1522, i Phone 6 Plus A1522, PT007, i Phone 6 Plus A1593, PT015, i Phone 6 Plus, A1522, i Phone 6 Plus, A1593, i Phone 6 Plus, A1593, PT015, i Phone 6 PT1605, i Phone 6 PT1606, i Phone 6 PT1610, i Phone 6, A1586, i Phone 6, A1589, i Phone 6S, i Phone 6S (A1633), i Phone 6S (A1688), i Phone 6S Plus, i Phone 6S Plus (A1687), i Phone 6S Plus (A1690), i Phone 6S Plus (A1699), i Phone 6s Plus, A1634, i Phone 6s Plus, A1690, i Phone 6s Plus, A1699, i Phone 6s, A1633, i Phone 6s, A1691, i Phone 6s, A1700, i Phone 7, i Phone 7 (A1660), i Phone 7 (A1778), i Phone 7 (A1779), i Phone 7 (A1780), i Phone 7 Plus, i Phone 7 Plus (A1661), i Phone 7 Plus (A1784), i Phone 7 Plus (A1785), i Phone 7 Plus (A1786), i Phone 8gb, i Phone A1203 16Gb, i Phone SE (A1662), i Phone SE (A1723), i Phone SE (A1724), PT015, A1593, IPHONE 6 PLUS, PT020, A1589, IPHONE 6; : 50 Power, 50 TITANIUM 4G, 50C NEON, 50D NEON, 50d Oxygen, 55 Cobalt , 55 Diamond Selfie, 55 HELIUM PLUS, 55b Platinum, 70 COPPER, 101 COPPER, AC70CV, AC80BXE, AC90CV, AC101CV, AC59TI, 70 XENON COLOR, 80b Helium 4G, 80D XENON; : 1031, 1032, 2191, 2193, 2201, 2202, 2203, 2205, 2206, 2207, 2208, 2301, 2311, 2716, 2717, 2810, 2812, 2822, 2831, 2833, 2850, 2851, 2853, 2856, 2861, 2862, 2863, 2901, 3605, 7325, 7336, 7511, 7530, 7531, 7612, 7617, 7621, 8802, BRANDA PANDA, FARO3, GSA190, I96, LG, M200A2/M200B2, M2100, S656, SAMART Q600, U308, W409G, W418G; : AX20, AX208, AX251, AX422, B07, BINGO AX111, BINGO AX121, BRAVO AR33, BRAVO AR34, CD-201, CD-301, CD101, CD111, CHOICE AX128, CLEVER AR24, CZAR AR44, ENVY T501, EVA A14, IMPERIA AX282, MAGNET AX411, ORIAN AR46, ORIAN AR52, SCORPIO A2, STAR T19, SWIFTY T18, T-777, TRINITY T3, VENUS A52, WIZ AT-505, ZEUS AR62; : 00X, ME375CL, 1520, A20, Padfone mini 4.3, A91, Pad Fone X, T00D, ASUS PAD, ASUS_ Z00YD, ASUS_ Z00Z, ASUS_T00F, ZENFONE 5, ASUS_T00RD, ASUS_X003, ASUS_X010D, ASUS_X010DA, ASUS_X010DD, ASUS_X010DE, ASUS_Z00AD, ASUS_Z00D, ASUS_Z00EDE; : Calf, CAT, Crystal, Eee Pad TF300TG Transformer, TF300TG, FE170CG, ZENFONE C, K012, FE171CG, K01F, Fone Pad 3G, ME372CG, Fone Pad 7 FE170CG, Fonepad 7 FE170CG, K012, Zenfone C, Fonepad 7 FE375CG, K019, Fonepad 7 FE375CXG (K00X), FONEPAD 7 LTE, K01Q, FONEPAD 7, FE7010CG, K012_2, FONEPAD 7, K00R, FONEPAD 8, K016, Fonepad ME371MG Tablet Dual SIM, Fonepad Note 6 (ME560CG), FONEPAD, K01N, J101, HAIER V900, J102 (ASUS), J103, J105(ASUS), J202 (ASUS), J206, J501, J502, JP_PHONE, K009, K009, Nexus 7 2, K00Y, K014, K018 Transformer PAD 3G, K01N, M303, M303i, M310 (ASUS), m530w, M536, Mars 2 O2 XDA Zinc, ME171, ME771KL, Medion mobile MDMP1200, Memo Pad 8 ME581CL, Me MO Pad FHD 10 16GB LTE (ME302KL-1A042A), Me Mo Pad HD7 Dual SIM ME175KG (K00S), MEMO PAD HD7, ME175KG, Nexus 7, Nexus 7 4G K009 ME571KL, NIL, J121, P305, P320, P505 (GEM02A), P525, P526, P527, P535, P552, P552w, P560, P565, P565, P565C, P735, P750, P835, Padfone 2 A68, Padfone A66, ME172, Pad Fone E (A68M), Pad Fone T008, Pad Fone Infinity (A86), Pad Fone Infinity, A80, Pad Fone mini T00E, Pad Fone mini, ASUS_T00T, Pad Fone X mini (T00S), Pad Fone X, Pad Fone S, PF500KL, Pegasus 2 Plus X550, ASUS_X550, Pegasus ASUS_X003 (T500KLC), X003 Dual SIM TD-LTE, Pegasus X005 Dual SIM TD-LTE, PHONE, PHONE T520TL, PHONE T552TLC, T20, TF300TL, T45 4G, T001/V1 , ZC450TLM, TRANSFORMER PAD INFINITY 700KL, TF700KL, Transformer Prime TF301G, V65, V75, Vivo Tab Smart ME400CL, K0Y-ME400CL, Vivo Tab RT TF600T, TF600TG, Wireless N300 LTE router, 4G-N12, WIRELESS-AC1200 LTE ROUTER, 4G-AC55U, X003, Z008, Z008D, Z00B, Z00MD, Z00MDA, Z00MDB, Z170CG Zen Pad C 7.0 3G, Z300CL, Z802i, ZB452KG ZENFONE, ZB500KL Zen Fone Go, ZB552KL Zen Fone Go, Zen Fone 2, Zen Fone 2 (ZE551ML), ASUS_Z00A, Zen Fone 2 (ZE551ML), ASUS_Z00AD, Zen Fone 2 (ZE551ML), ASUS_Z00ADA, Zenfone 2 - ZE550ML, ASUS_Z008, Zenfone 2 - ZE550ML, ASUS_Z008D, Zenfone 2 - ZE550ML, ASUS_Z008DB, Zenfone 2 - ZE550ML, ASUS_Z008DC, Zenfone 2 5 inch (ZE500CL/Z00D), ASUS_Z00D, Zenfone 2 5 inch ZE500CL, Z00D, Zen Fone 2 Laser (ZE500KG), ASUS_Z00WD, Zen Fone 2 Laser (ZE551KL), ASUS_Z00TD, Zen Fone 2 Laser (ZE551KL), ASUS_Z00TDA, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL, ASUS_Z00ED, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL, ASUS_Z00EDA, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL, ASUS_Z00EDB, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL, ASUS_Z00LD, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL, ASUS_Z00LDB, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL, ASUS_Z00LDD, Zen Fone 2 Laser, ZD550KL, Zen Fone 2 Laser, ZE601KL, Z011D, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 4G LTE, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 4G LTE ASUS_Z00ADB, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 4G LTE, ASUS_Z00ADA, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 4G LTE, ASUS_Z00ADC, Zen Fone 3, Zen Fone 3 Deluxe (ZS550KL), Zenfone 3 Deluxe ZS570KL, Zenfone 3 Laser Z01BDA, Zenfone 3 Laser ZC551KL, Zenfone 3 Max (ZC520TL), Zen Fone 3 Max (ZC553KL), Zenfone 3 Max ZC501KL, Zenfone 3 Ultra ZU680KL, Zen Fone 3 ZC500KL, Zen Fone 3 ZE520KL, Zen Fone 3 ZE552KL, Zen Fone 3, ZS550ML, Zen Fone 4 (A450CG), ASUS_T00Q, Zenfone 4 A450CG, ZENFONE 4, A450CG, Zenfone 4, ASUS_T00I, Zenfone 4, ASUS_T00I (A400CG), ZENFONE 4, T00I-D, Zen Fone 5, ZENFONE 5 A500CG, ASUS_T00F, Zenfone 5 A501CG, ZENFONE 5 A501CG, ASUS_T00J-D, Zenfone 5 Dual SIM A500KL, TOOP, Zenfone 5 Lite A502CG, ASUS_T00K, ZENFONE 5, ASUS_T00F, Zenfone 5, ASUS_T00J, Zenfone 5F, A501CG, Zenfone 6 A600CG, ASUS_T00G, Zenfone 6 A601CG, ASUS_Z002, Zenfone C ZC451CG, Zenfone C ZC451CG, ASUS_Z007, ZENFONE C, K012, Zen Fone Go (ZB551KL), Zen Fone Go ZB450KL, Zen Fone Go ZB500KG, Zen Fone Go ZB500KL, Zenfone Go ZC451TG, Zenfone Go ZC451TG, ASUS_Z00SD, Zen Fone Go ZC452KG, Zenfone Go ZC500TG, Zenfone Go ZC500TG, ASUS_Z00SD, Zen Fone Live TV G500TG Dual SIM, Zen Fone Max ZC550KL (ASUS_Z010D), Zen Fone Max ZC550KL, ASUS_Z010D, Zen Fone Max ZC550KL, ASUS_Z010DA, Zen Fone Max ZC550KL, ASUS_Z010DB, Zen Fone Max ZC550KL, ASUS_Z010DC, Zen Fone Max ZC550KL, ASUS_Z010DD, Zen Fone Max ZC550KL, ASUS_Z010DE, Zen Fone Selfie Dual SIM, ZD551KL, ASUS_Z00UD, Zen Fone Selfie ZD551KL, Zenfone Selfie ZD552KL, Zen Fone Selfie, ZC500TG, ASUS _Z00UDA, Zen Fone Selfie, ZD551KL, ASUS_Z00UD, Zenfone ZC452KG, Zenfone Zoom ZX550, Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML, Zenpad, Zen Pad 10, Zen Pad 10 4G LTE model, Z300CL, Zen Pad 10, Zen Pad Z300, Z300CG (3G model), Zen Pad 7 3G Tablet, Z170CG, Zenpad 7.0, Zen Pad 7.0 Z370CG, Zen Pad 8, Zen Pad 8 (Z380KNL), Zen Pad C 7.0, P01Y_S, Zenpad Z10 ZT500KL, ZENPAD Z381CG, ASUS_K020; : F820, F821, F823, F835, F836, I6L, I7L, M2000, M223, M227, M228, M229, M230, M231, M256, M257, M259, M267, M271, M279, M282, M282 , M288, M299, M615, M620, M621, M623, M627, M629, M631, M632, M635, M650, M667, M689, M689 , M698, M728, M730, M732, M735, M751, M752, M753, M760, M762, M765, M766, M768, M769, M777, M778, M779, M780, M788, M799, M801, M811E, M812, M815, M816, M822, M825, M826, M827, M829, M831, M832, M835, M850, M855, M857, M860; : M877, M878, M889, M890, M891, M895, M899, M906, M907, M908, M909, M909 , M910 , M919, M939, M939 , S 19, S 20, S650, T2014, T5001, T5010, T5100L, T6100, T6200L, T9100L, T9200L, UX V926, V926T, V950, V958T, V958W, V960T, V963, V965T, V958T, V980T, VS 728, Z5; : AVEA JET WIFI, E5330BS-2, BARCELONA MF667, E3531, E3531S-2, FENERCELL E3531, E3531S-2, FENERCELL MF667, GSMOBILE MF667, INTOUCH 2, in Touch 3, INTOUCH 3 LARGE, INTOUCH 4, Jet E3531, JET MF667, KARTAL CELL MF667, KARTALCELL E3531, E3531S-2, MF65 WIFI, TRABZON CELL MF667; : A35 TV, A35C, A35S, A40 Style Plus, A40M, A40T, A45 STYLE, A45GL, A45LT, A45S, A45T, A50 STYLE, A50 Style LT, A50C, A50GL, A50Q, A50T, A50TQ, A55GL, A55T, A60C, a50lt, AC24 CLAMSHELL, AC24G, AT7, AT7S, AT8, AT8S, AX1, AX2, AX50, BONSAI, CHIC, Chic N, CLIPBOARD, Extend, Extend 55, FX2, FX3, KAI N, Kin, KL35, KL40, L1N, L1S, L2B, L2N, L2Z, L3GA, L3GA LITE, LT40, LT45, LT50, Q10G, Q10S, Q12G, Q13, Q15, Q16G, SCORPIO HD, SCORPIO S45, SHE, SPEED 50, SPEED55, Taicho, Tairu, TAISO, Tencho, TRACKER, TZUKI, ULTRA 50 ID, ULTRA LT55; : C199, C288, C299, D556, D558, D669, D786, D828, DH011, DZ113, DZ115, DZ116, DZ118, DZ210, GF516, GF517, GF569, GH003, GH608, GP880, GZ188, GZ256, GZ616, H28, H38, H78, H868, H878, H898, HB678, HB789, JX0101, JX0102, JX0158, JX0189, JX0199, JX1101, JX1102, JX1103, JX1105, JX1118, JX1122, JX1125, JX1130, JX1133, JX1136, JX1156, JX1169, JX2105, JX2106, JX2108, JX2118, JX2139, JX5101, JX6102; : BBK, BKG-331, WS08, H319, i188S, i266, I267, i268, i269, I270B, I270C, i288B, i289C, I370C, i509, i528B, I531B, I532, i589, K039, K098, K13, K16S, K27, K28, K302, K302 , s328, V205, V206B, V207, V305, V307, V309D, VIVO E1, vivo E3, VIVO E5, vivo S1, VIVO S11, vivo S12, VIVO S2, VIVO S3, VIVO S3 , VIVO S6, VIVO S6T, vivo S7, vivo S9, VIVO V1, VIVO V2, VIVO V3, vivo V3, vivo Y1, Vivo X1, Vivo Xplay, vivo Y3T, vivo Y3T, I510; : AIRNESS, BAI-LI TECH, BAI-LI TECH A108, BEKO BC940I, BGP-1000, BGP-BD10, BGP-BD20, BGP-BD38, BGP-FT20, BGP-P10, BGP-SC100, BGP-ST13, BPP-CL100, BPP-EX100, BPP-HIT100, BPP-UP500, BPP-X100SA, DITALO, ELIYA, ELIYA PD101A, ELIYA PD101B, ELIYA PD58, EVADIN AIKO 51G, EVADIN AIKO 52G, GC-300, GSM738, GSM739, NEO 100, RSP-100, SFALERT, ULYCOM I100, UP100, UP310, UP560, VOXTEL BGP-BD30, VOXTEL BGP-ST11, TW818, VOXTEL SC-100, VOXTEL V100; : 1160, 56D77, 56D78, 56D82, 56D84, 56D85, 56D86, 56D87, 56D89, 56D91, 56D93 Vulcan-3C, 56D94 Vulcan-4C, 56E22, 56M20, 56M23A / 56M23, 56M30, 56M32, 56W10, 56W11, A22A, A22FM, A32A, A500 / A508, AF51, AL26A, B502, B505; : E21S1A, E61, E67 (Dupont, E68 (Grande, E71 A, E71 ECO, EF82, F5, GF01B9A, GX100, HERB1A, HERC5A, HERC6A, J11, JASB1A (A38), M100 / M108 / CECT M100 / CECT M108 / CECT M100 / CECT M108, M23/M23A, M23CG / M23, M23R, M25/M25A, M300, M305, m315, M315 (O2 x1B), M560G, M560G, SOUTE M560G, M580, M580A, M770GT, M775C, Maui E800, Micromax X600, MORC2A, Noka A18, P30, P31, PANB3A, Pelican Butterfly LAM; : S620i, S620i / S1500, S630i, S660, S660c, S660c, S660C / S665C / S668C, S668C / S665C / JOYX S668C / JOYX S665C / CECT S668C / CECT S665C / CECT A668C / CECT S665C / CECT JOYX S668C / CECT JOYX S665C, S670, S670C(56E10), S670C, S670C S678C, S680c, S700 (O2 X3, o2x3), S700 S708, S820C, S830c, S830C/S838C, S83OC, SL91, Sonim, Sonim XP3, Sunny Unitach U68, T47, T60-NFC, Vodafone Simply Ben Q-Sie, XBR139, Z150 / Z158, Z2; : B-F-B S100, S100, B-F-B S5, B-F-B W9000, W9000, B-F-B W9001, W9001, B-F-B W9100, W9100, B-F-B W9300, W9300, B-F-B W9800B, B2720, B5700, F2018, F2050, F2090, F2700, F5500, H766, W5, B-F-B W5, W9260B, W9280, B-F-B W9280, W9600B, W9800B, W9900; : BF A10, BF A11, BF A12, BF A15, BF A16, BF A17, BF A18, BF A5, BF A500, BF A6, BF A700, BF A8, BF C5, BF C7, BF C8, BF C9, BF G11, BF G12, BF M9, BF S702, BF S703, BF S705, BF T10, BF T13, BF T18, BF T19, BF T20L, BF V50, BF V51, BF V6, BF V8, BF-K11, BF158, BF519, BF2001S, BF2012, BF S707, BF S702, BF2013Z, BF2015, BF2025, BF2056, BF2210, BF1816, BF1818, BF2432T, BF2461S, BF2613Z, BF2615Z, BF299, BF310, BF312, BF318, BF319, BF320, BF3350T, BF350, BF3530T, BF360, BF3620T, BF3710T, BF3800S, BF488T, BF501, BF505, BF506, BF508, BF509, BF510, BF511, BF512, BF518, BF520, BF6001Z, BF616, BF618, BF619, BF6200S, BF6410Z, BF658, BF6600Z, BF668, BF6699Z, BF678, BF688, BF696, BF745, BF746, BF750, BF760, BF808, BF8300Z, BF86, BF9001T, BF901, BF9100, BF9200, BF9300, BF9500, BF9988T, BFC6, BFV5T, BF_K12, BF_T17; : 8180, 8280, 8288, 8688, A05, A130, A150, AKA500, B105, B5510, BD717, BDG18S, BDG28M, Bird, BIRD-I800, I800, BIRDY, Bmobile S168B, Bmobile S235B, C569, CIDY K303, CIDY K505, CIDY K806, CIDY K808, CIDY R8, CIDY V398, CIDY V998, CM09, D08, D515, D515A, D600, D607, D610, D611, D612, D615, D615 , D615A, D619, D636, D660, D670, D680, D690, D711, D712, D715, D716, D717, D719, D736, D752, D755, D759, D765, D769, D820, D830, DOEASY E700, DOEASY X8, DW06, E13, E608, E638, E648, E658, E678, E750, E819, E820, E859, E860, E868, E891, E895, E895A, E898, E901, E990A, E990B, EG510, EG600, F200A, F300A, F301, F501A, F509, F518, F518A, F519, F521, F525, F527, F680, FAST 2, G128, G508, GC600, H55, I8S, K102A, K105, K106A, K108A, K109, V330, K2 , K228, K103, K107, K509, K559, K705, L7PLUS, L902, LT01, LT02, M008, M01, M02, M03, M05, M07 , M08, M09, M17I, M19, M19 , M27, MP300, Ningbo V5518 , Q1600, Q160, Q1800, Q268, S1000, S1130, S1150, S1160, S1180, S1180C, S1186, S1198, S1199, S1220, S159, S160, S160A, S169, D719, K559, S1820, S190, S191, S191A, S192, S195, S196, S198, S198A, S199, S208A, S209A, S235, S235A, S288, S296, S296A, S298, S299, S299L, S302A, S305, S305A, S307, S310, S318, s3220, S368, S3990, S4820, S590, S619C, S661, S662, S663, S665, S667, S669, S686, CS686, S689, S701, S706, S711, S738, S748, S757, S758A, S759, S789, S789 , S799, S889, S890, S916, S920, SC10, SC20C, SC24, SHMA D580, SHMA F18, SHMA L680, SHMA L780, SHMA L880, SHMA V880, T108A, T118, T228, T45, A46, T830, T9105, T9108, T9500, T9608, T9609, TD6300, TD903, TS01, TS05, TS06, TS08, V0, V008, V09, V10L, V210, V688, V230, V530, V650, V730, V830, V250, V280, V320, V5200, V5510, V5518, V5600, V5610, V58, V69, V706, V761, V775, V786, V788A, V789, V79, V89, VO9, W2A, W2B, W518, W9200, W9300, WOMAN STAR F1, WX346, X280, XL100, XL200, Z150, Z155, Z158; : 5810, 5820, 6720, 7100 Pearl, 7100g, 7100r, 7100t, 7100v, 7105t, 7105t 7105, 7130, 7130c, 7130v, 7230, 7285, 7290, 7730, 7780, 8100 Pearl, 8120, 8250 Curve Gemini, 8300 Curve, 8320, 8320 Curve, 8700 Curve, 8700, 8700c, 8700, 8700g, 8700f, 8700c, 8700C, 8700g, 8700v, 8700g / 8705g, 8700r, 8707, 8707g, 8707g, 8707v, 8707h, 8707v, 8820 Pearl, 8830, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 9100 Pearl, 9220 Curve, 9300 Curve 3G, 9315, 9320, 9380 Curve, 9500 Storm, 9520, 9530 Storm, 9620, 9630, 9630 Tour, 9720, 9720 SAMOA, 9720, 9780 Bold 2 SIM, 9810 Torch, 9850 Torch 2, Bold 9000, Bold 9650, Bold 9650, TBD, Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Bold 9780 Onyx 2, Bold 9788, Bold 9790, Bold 9930, Bold Touch 9900, Bold Touch 9930, Classic Q20 4G LTE SQC100-3, curve, Curve 8300, Curve 8310, Curve 8320, CURVE 8329, Curve 8520, Curve 8520 Gemini, CURVE 8520, 8520, Curve 8900, Curve 8910, Curve 8980, Curve 9220, CURVE 9220, 9220, Curve 9300 3G, Curve 9300 3G Kepler, Curve 9320, CURVE 9320, 9320, Curve 9360, Curve 9360 RDD71UW, Curve 9370, Curve 9720, P150-32HS/P150-64HS, P150-32LT2/P150-64LT2, PASSPORT, RGY181LW, SQW100-1, Pearl 3G 9105, Pearl 8100, Pearl 9100/9105 Smartphone, Pearl Flip 8220, Porsche Desn P 9981, Porsche Desn P 9982, P9982, STK100-1, RGE111LW, Porsche Desn P9982 LTE STK100-2, RGF111LW, Priv STV100-2 XLTE (RIM Venice), Q10 (SQN100-1), Q10, RFM121LW, Q10, SQN100-2, RFM121LW, Q10, SQN100-4, RFQ111LW, Q30 LTE-A SQW100-3, RGV161LW, Q5 SQR100-2/SQR100-3 RFS121LW, Q5, RFT81UW, SQR100-3, R6220GE, RAO31GN, RCG41GW (GENERIC), CURVE 8520, RFG81UW, Z10, RFR101LW, Q5, RFX101LW, RGD121LW, RGQ161LW, RGR161LW, RGT141LW, RGW141LW, RGY181LW, RHC161LW, RHD131LW, RHF141LW (SQC100-3), RHK211LW (STV100-1), R211LW (STV100-3), RHM181LW (STV100-4), RHS191LW (SQE100-1), RHW191LW, RHW192LW, RHX181LW, RHY161LW, RHZ191LW, RHZ192LW, RJA221LW, S4200, SQC100-1, RGP71UW, KOPI, SQC100-2, RGN81UW, KOPI, SQK100-1, SQN100, RFQ111LW, SQN100-4, Q10, STA100, Z30, STA100-6, RGU131LW, Z30, STB100-1, RGH111LW, Z10, STB100-2, RGJ121LW, Z10, STB100-4, RGM121LW, STB100-5, RGK111LW, Z10, STL100-3, RFK121LW, Z10, Storm 2 9550, Storm 9530, Storm2 9520, Storm2 9550, Torch 4G 9810, Torch 9800, Torch 9860, Tour 9630, Type 1802G & 1802GS Ver, Z10 Smartphone STL100-1 / RFG81UW, Z10 STL100-1, Z10 STL100-2, Z10 STL100-3, Z10, STL100-2, Z10, STL100-3, Z10, STL100-4, RFA91LW, Z3, JAKARTA, STJ100-1, Z3, STJ100-1, Z3, STJ100-2, Z30 STA100-2 RFW121LW, Z30, STA100; : 145X, 146x, 151X, 245X, 246X, 247X, 250X, 251X, 252X, 253X, 254X, 255X, 351X, 353X, 354X, 355X, 358X, 360X, 449X, 450X, 450Z, 451Z, 454X, 455X, 456X, 457X, 458x, 460X, 466X, 470XI, 471X, 476X, 550X, 551X, 570X, 575Z, 575ZI, 651X, 651Z, 654Z, 670X, 670XI; : 2690 , Advance 3.5, Advance 4.0, ADVANCE 4.0 L, Advance 4.0 L2 A030L, ADVANCE 4.0L, Advance 4.5, Advance 5.0, AMOUR 4.0, ARIA II, B305A, B309A, BAR Q, CHARLESTON, CHARLESTON TOUCH, Click 3, CLICK LITE, CLICK PLUS, CT ASIA (HK) , D450, QUATTRO 4.5 HD, DASH, DASH 3.5 CE, Dash 3.5 II, DASH 4.0 CE, Dash 4.0C, DASH 4.5, DASH 5.0, DASH 5.5, Dash C Music, DASH JR, DASH JR 3G, DASH JR 4.0K, DASH JR K, DASH JR SOCIAL, DASH JR TV, Dash L2 D250L, Dash M, Dash M2 D090L, DASH MUSIC, Dash Music 4.0, Dash Music 4.5, Dash music II, Dash Music JR, Dash X LTE, DASH X PLUS, DASH X PLUS LTE, Dash X2 D110L, DECO MINI, Deco Mini 2 SIM, DECO MINI 3, DECO PRO TV, DECO PRO, DECO TV, DECO, DECO XT TV, DECO XT, DEEJAY, DEEJAY FLIP, DEEJAY II, DEEJAY LITE, DEEJAY TOUCH TV, DEEJAY TOUCH, DIVA FLEX 2.4, DIVA FLIP, DIVA II, Diva X, T362T Single SIM, T372T Dual SIM, ELITE 3.8, Energy Diamond E130L, Energy JR, Energy X, ENERGY X LTE, ENERGY X PLUS, Energy X2 E050L, JANET, JANET L, Jenny, JENNY II, Jenny TV 2.8, JENNY TV, JENNY, JENNY, JENNY TV, LIFE 8, LIFE 8 XL, Life Mark, LIFE ONE, LIFE ONE M, LIFE ONE X, Life One X (2016), LIFE ONE XL, LIFE PLAY, LIFE PLAY 2, LIFE PLAY MINI, LIFE PLAY S, Life Play X, Life Pro, LIFE PURE, LIFE PURE 8, LIFE PURE MINI, LIFE PURE XL, Life Pure XL L259L, LIFE VIEW, Life View 8.0, LIFE VIEW TAB, Life X8, LINDY, LINDY BAR, LINDY Q, NEO 3.5, NEO 3G, NEO 4.0 JR, NEO 4.5, NEO 5.0, NEO 5.5, Neo Energy Mini N130L, NEO JR, NEO TV, NEO, Neo X Plus N090L, NEO XT TV, NEO XT TV, NEO XT, Pure XR P0030UU, Q160T, SAMBA TV, R1 HD R0011UU, RAVE, SAMBA JR CAM, SAMBA JR, SAMBA JUNIOR, Rave D320 Dual SIM, Samba Mini Q200 4Gb, SAMBA Q, SAMBA TV, Samba Q, SPEED 4.7 LTE, SPORT 4.5, STAR 4.0, STAR 4.5, Star JR, STUDIO 5.0, Studio 5.0 C HD, Studio 5.0 HD LTE, STUDIO 5.0 II, STUDIO 5.0 LTE, STUDIO 5.0 S II, STUDIO 5.0C, STUDIO 5.0C HD, STUDIO 5.0CE, STUDIO 5.0HD LTE, STUDIO 5.0K, Studio 5.5, STUDIO 5.5 C, STUDIO 5.5 K, STUDIO 5.5 S, STUDIO 5.5HD, Studio 6.0 HD, STUDIO 6.0 LTE, STUDIO 7.0, Studio 7.0 II, Studio 7.0 LTE, STUDIO C, STUDIO C 5 5, STUDIO C 5 5 LTE, Studio C 8 8 LTE S0170UU, STUDIO C MINI, Studio C Super Camera, STUDIO ENERGY, Studio Energy 2, STUDIO G, Studio G HD, Studio G LTE, Studio G Plus, Studio G2 S010Q, Studio M HD S110L, Studio Mini LTE, STUDIO MINI LTE 2, Studio Mini LTE X100Q, STUDIO ONE PLUS, STUDIO SELFIE LTE, Studio Selfie S070Q, STUDIO TMC, STUDIO X, Studio X Plus, Studio X5, Studio XL, TANK II, TANK PLUS, TATTOO MINI TV, TATTOO MINI, TOUCH BOOK 7.0, TOUCH BOOK 7.0 PLUS, TOUCH BOOK 7.0S, TOUCH BOOK 8.0 3G, Touch Book 7.0 3G tablet, Touchbook G7, TOUCHBOOK M7, VIVO 4.3, VIVO 4.8 HD, VIVO 5, Vivo Air, Vivo IV, VIVO LTE, Vivo Selfie V030L, Vivo XL, WIN HD, Win HD LTE, WIN JR, WIN JR LTE, Z3 Z090X, ZOEY 2.4, ZOEY 2.4 3G, ZOEY II, ZOEY II PLUS, ZOEY PLUS, Zoey, T166 - Single SIM, T176 - Dual SIM; : BX860, GS810, GS826, GS828, GS998, H80, H83, H87, H90, H93, HT51, HT78, HX198, HX36, JL318, JL338, JL5200, JL58, JL68, JL69, JL71, JL7260, JL75, JL79, JL838, JL85, JL858, JL86, JL878, JL898, JL926, JL936, JSN73, KP283, KP301, KP401, KP403, KP488, KP803, KP805, KP808, KP909, KS01, KS03, L1103, LX26, SD101, SD85; : 509, 509 Dual, 509 DUAL G, 719 WORLD, 909 Dual, 909S Dual, B442, B443, BLAUPUNKT 242, BLAUPUNKT H242, BLAUPUNKT P 242, CARTEL M, CARTEL MC, CARTEL S, Cartel S 2G2.0, CARTEL SC, CARTEL SC 2G2, CARTEL SL, CARTEL T, COM 607, COM 608, COM 647, COM 908, DUAL-COM 738, DUAL-COM 738 P, DUALCOM 738, M-COM 206, M-COM 207, M-COM 214, M-COM 406, M-COM 506, M-COM 706, M-COM 714, M-COM 726, M-COM 906, M. My China iPhone clone, display needs to be calibrated. I want to reset to factorry settings, but I can't to write the code Tap on menu settings restore factory.

Apple iPhone 3GS China/No Wi-Fi 16, 32 GB Specs - Touch 540, C Touch 540, NETFOUR, ONE TOUCH P689L, NOT SURE, OLIPAD A8 LTE, A8LTE, Olivetti Olicard 145, OLIVETTI OP070, ONE TOUCH 685, ONE TOUCH 685M, One Touch 916A OT-916, One Touch 916S OT-916, One Touch Pop 2, 4045A, One Touch 090, ONE TOUCH 090A, One Touch 10.45 (OT-1045, OT-1045G), One Touch 1009A, One Touch 1009X, OT-1009X, One Touch 1010A, OT-1010A, One Touch 1010D, OT-1010D, One Touch 1010X, OT-1010X, ONE TOUCH 1011, 1011D, One Touch 1011A, One Touch 1011A, OT-1011A, One Touch 1013D, One Touch 1013D, 1013D, ONE TOUCH 1013X, 1013X, ONE TOUCH 1014D, 1014D, One Touch 1014E, 1014E, One Touch 1015, One Touch 1016D, One Touch 1016D dual, One Touch 1017D, One Touch 1017G, One Touch 1030A, One Touch 1030D, One Touch 1031D, OT-1031D, One Touch 1035D Dual SIM, One Touch 1035X, One Touch 103A, One Touch 1041A, One Touch 1046D, One Touch 104A, One Touch 104A, OT-104A, One Touch 1050D, One Touch 1050E, One Touch 1050G, One Touch 1052G, One Touch 1052X, One Touch 1053G, One Touch 1054D, One Touch 105A, ONE TOUCH 1060, 1060, One Touch 1060D, OT-1060/1060D, One Touch 1060G, One Touch 1061X, One Touch 113, One Touch 117, One Touch 117A, One Touch 119, 5020D, One Touch 132, One Touch 132A, One Touch 152, One Touch 155, One Touch 155 OH1, One Touch 156, One Touch 2000X, OT-2000X, One Touch 2001X, One Touch 2004C, One Touch 2005/2005D, OT-2005D, One Touch 2005a, OT-2005a, One Touch 2005D Dual SIM, One Touch 2010a, OT-2010a, One Touch 2010D, One Touch 2010E , OT-2010E, One Touch 2010G, OT-2010G, One Touch 2012D, One Touch 203, One Touch 204, OT-204, One Touch 2030A, One Touch 2030X, One Touch 2031X, One Touch 2035D, One Touch 2035X, One Touch 2036X, One Touch 203A, One Touch 2040D, OT-2040D, One Touch 2040X, OT-6032D / SFR 118, ONE TOUCH 2045A, 2045A, ONE TOUCH 2045D, 2045D, ONE TOUCH 2045E, 2045E, ONE TOUCH 2045M, 2045M, ONE TOUCH 2045N, 2045N, ONE TOUCH 2045X, 2045X, ONE TOUCH 2052N, 2052N, One Touch 2056A, OT-2056A, One Touch 208, One Touch 208, OT-208, One Touch 208A, One Touch 209, OT-209, One Touch 209A, ONE TOUCH 213, One Touch 213A, One Touch 213G, One Touch 214, One Touch 214A, One Touch 214W, One Touch 215, One Touch 217, One Touch 217A, One Touch 217A, OT-217A, One Touch 217D, One Touch 222, One Touch 222A, One Touch 223A, One Touch 228, One Touch 228A, One Touch 228D, One Touch 230D, One Touch 232, OT-232, One Touch 232A, ONE TOUCH 236G, One Touch 255A, One Touch 282, One Touch 282, OT-282, ONE TOUCH 282A, One Touch 290, One Touch 290a, OT-290a, One Touch 290D, One Touch 292, ONE TOUCH 292A, ONE TOUCH 296, One Touch 296a, One Touch 297A, One Touch 3000H, One Touch 3000X, One Touch 3001G, One Touch 3002G, One Touch 300A, One Touch 301A, One Touch 302/303, One Touch 302/303 / BE4, One Touch 3020D, OT-3020D, One Touch 3020G, OT-3020D Dual SIM, One Touch 3022G, One Touch 304, One Touch 3040D, One Touch 305, One Touch 305A, ONE TOUCH 306, One Touch 306, OT-306, One Touch 306A, One Touch 306A, OT-306A, One Touch 3074A, One Touch 3075a (OT-3075, OT-3075M and OT-3075X), One Touch 3075M, ONE TOUCH 307G, One Touch 308, ONE TOUCH 308A, One Touch 310, ONE TOUCH 310A, One Touch 311, One Touch 312, One Touch 316, 316D, OT-316, One Touch 316A, One Touch 316G, ONE TOUCH 316G, ONE TOUCH 316S, ONE TOUCH 316N, ONE TOUCH 316S, One Touch 318D, One Touch 320, One Touch 322, VM565 Virgin media, ONE TOUCH 322D, ONE TOUCH 328D, One Touch 330A, One Touch 330M, One Touch 331, One Touch 331a, One Touch 331P, One Touch 332 / 333, One Touch 355, One Touch 356, One Touch 358, OT-358, One Touch 358D, One Touch 361, One Touch 361A, One Touch 362, ONE TOUCH 382, ONE TOUCH 385, ONE TOUCH 385A, One Touch 385D, One Touch 385J, One Touch 385JA, One Touch 390, One Touch 390A, One Touch 390D, One Touch 4001D, One Touch 4004D, One Touch 4004X, ONE TOUCH 4005D, One Touch 4007D Pixi, One Touch 4007E, One Touch 4008X, ONE TOUCH 4010A, One Touch 4010D, OT 4010D OT-4010E, ONE TOUCH 4010E, One Touch 4010x, OT-4010X, One Touch 4015n, One Touch 4015T, One Touch 4015X, ONE TOUCH 4025A, 4025, ONE TOUCH 4025D, 4025, ONE TOUCH 4025E, 4025, ONE TOUCH 4025M, 4025, ONE TOUCH 4025N, 4025, ONE TOUCH 4025X, 4025, ONE TOUCH 4029A, ONE TOUCH 4030A, One Touch 4030X , OT-4030X, One Touch S Pop, ONE TOUCH 4030Y, ONE TOUCH 4031A, 4031A, ONE TOUCH 4031D, 4031D, ONE TOUCH 4031E, 4031E, ONE TOUCH 4031M, 4031M, ONE TOUCH 4031N, 4031N, ONE TOUCH 4031X, 4031X, One Touch 4033A, OT-4033A, One Touch 4038D, One Touch 4038X, ONE TOUCH 500 (SANS WAP), One Touch 5005A, One Touch 5018D, One Touch 5018X, One Touch 5019D, One Touch 5020N, 5020t, One Touch 5025D, One Touch 5025n, One Touch 5025X, One Touch 5035A, One Touch 5035D, OT-5035D, One Touch 5035x, One Touch 5035Y, C 975, ??? Especially created for the mainland China market and lauched in partnership with China Unicom, the iPhone 3GS China/No Wi-Fi, model.

Manual de usuario del iPhone 5 - YouTube This document, titled "i Phone clone - reset to factory settings ," is available under the Creative Commons license. Mira el suiente vídeo del iphone 5 de la web de tecnología de unComo con estos vídeos aprenderás todo lo.

IPhone Secrets and iPad Secrets and iPod Touch Secrets - IPhone Part Number; Internal Product Codes; iPhone Serial Number. iPhone Audio; iPhone. A1221 iPhone Bluetooth headset. Outside of official firmware updates, you would need to jailbreak your device to manually overclock the CPU.

IPhone 4 Made in China - YouTube Faux iPhone chinois. Comme le vrai. Enfin presque.

Iphone 4g chino - YouTube Iphone 4g chino. fasg18. Loading. juegos, etc. Otros; audífonos manos libres, incluye 2 Baterías Nokia BL-4C, cargador, cable usb, manual.

Manual iphone chino a1221:

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